Voice of the White House September 24, 2006

“It’s always nice to be right, isn’t it? I thought I was wrong on once but I found out later I was mistaken. What am I talking about? Osama bin Ladin. I have published, at least three time over the past two and one half years that bin Laden was dead. I have had my hand a report from the CIA to the NSC stating categorically that bin Laden died in a Pakistani hospital of kidney failure in September of 2003. The Pakistani government informed the Department of State and the CIA informed the NSC at about the same time. We never heard about this in our free and unfettered media because the Cheney people didn’t want us to. Why is this? Because it gave them a wonderful opportunity to get the CIA, in their Texas facility, the chance to produce more “bin Laden tapes” with which to terrify the voting public at opportune times, such as just before an important election or when Bush’s approval ratings dipped below twenty.

However, militant Islamist groups in the Pakistani government are giving some thought to discrediting their current leader and taking control of that country and its known atomic weaponry. Part of this activity is to discredit the United States by showing that bin Laden was dead while the U.S. was faking anti-Muslim scare tapes. Knowing this was about to erupt, suddenly our people allowed rumors to start that, yes, bin Laden was dead but only just recently and not from kidney failure but typhoid! And why just now? Because if they admitted the truth; that the long-dead bin-Laden was making propaganda tapes from the grave, voters in November might just begin to wonder who was making them and why the CIA always rushed forward to breathlessly inform us that their superior technology had clearly proved them to be genuine. Add this nonsense to the ‘liquid bomb’ farce and we still haven’t moved Bush’s ratings up. Cheney is about 8% approval and Bush around 27-35% and in this, we can see a hopeful augury for massive death and destruction at the mid-term elections. Actually, all of them should be thrown out of office and we can start with fresh blood. It would take at least a decade before the new ones would be as corrupt, self-serving and useless as the present hog pen but during this time, hopefully things will get better.”

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