Lori Douglas’ “Defense” is a Disgrace

Henry Makow Ph.D. – henrymakow.com July 24, 2012

The Lori Douglas scandal disgraces the people of Manitoba, and discredits its justice system. The shame is compounded by Douglas’ obvious lying and the Winnipeg Establishment’s desire to condone her outrageous behavior.
Lori Douglas is not just any judge. She is the Chief Family Court Judge of Manitoba.  Will anyone accept her judgments on marriage and child custody when the following pictures are on the Internet?
Justice Douglas lies on a bed, eyes closed, her hands shackled to the bed frame.
A topless Justice Douglas has a dog collar and chain around her neck.
Her Honor is urinating on the grass.
“Waiting for Black C**k.” Justice Douglas performs fellatio on a man.
The Canadian Judicial Council is holding an inquiry on whether to dismiss her. She should have resigned long ago. She claims to be an innocent victim, that her husband, Jack King, betrayed her by putting these pics on the Internet.
In fact, she is still married to Jack King, which is proof of her complicity. He solicited a Black man, Alex Chapman to have kinky sex with her in 2003 and take pictures. She actually met Chapman twice and cooed over the size of his abs. Admittedly she wasn’t a judge yet, but certainly this behavior disqualifies her.
“What do you think? Are you interested?” King wrote in an email to Chapman on May 8, 2003.
“I am making progress. She seems more interested at the moment in another woman + bondage, with her being the one tied up,” King wrote.

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