An Appeal to the Illuminati

Some Necessary Perspective

God is trying to realize Himself through mankind. This is the essence of all true religion. The Creator has infused human life with snowflake perfection. Man need only discern this design to discover indescribable beauty, peace and happiness.

A loving bliss is at the heart of human life. Our worldly desires for money, sex (romance) and power are vain attempts to conjure it. But the more we pursue this counterfeit, the further we stray from the true source. The pursuit of worldly desires tends to enslave the soul. Bliss requires that we outgrow these desires.

A relatively small clique is enslaving humanity. This is the London-based central banking cartel that controls the credit of most nations and is the mainspring of the Illuminati which controls Freemasonry. It has filched the government’s credit card and can buy anything/anyone and charge the taxpayer.

Few mortals could resist this temptation to own and control the world. The Illuminati want to be God and define reality according to their own dysfunction and arrested development. They want to expunge our belief in God (natural and moral order) and ensure mankind does not evolve as intended. Lucifer is their god; alienation, revolution, dysfunction and depravity are their worship.

They want us to miss our Rendezvous with our Creator and languish in a drab prison cell with a television blasting money, sex (romance) and violence 24/7. Prisoners themselves, they would induct us into their private hell.

Look at the mass media which they control. Do you see anything that warms your heart and reminds you of what it means to be human? Anything that expresses and fosters love for people? Anything that ennobles, (truly) educates, uplifts and empowers? Anything that encourages you to join with like minded people and work together?

Ironically their gazillions of dollars cannot buy them what they really want. Like you and I, they want to be loved. Right now they hate people and people hate them. But if they were genuine benefactors, rather than “philanthropists” with a perverse secret agenda, they would be loved.

We are their debt slaves. Our governments owe them trillions supposedly. In fact, they owe us trillions since we paid interest in real money for their imaginary loans. Let’s make a deal. We’ll forgive their debt if they relinquish control of the world’s central banks.

As Aaron Russo’s film “America: From Freedom to Fascism” makes clear we must return the moneymaking function to democratically elected governments. This is the key to ending the cycle of war and depression that has afflicted humanity for centuries. This will remove the dead hand thwarting mankind’s spiritual and cultural development.

We are approaching a very critical period. More and more people recognize that 9-11 was a controlled demolition, a premeditated mass murder. Look at the video “9-11 Myths: Demolition”. In the rubble, the steel central columns *stick out like proverbial sore thumbs. *They were /cleanly sliced/ at a 45-degree angle by thermite charges, like a buzz saw cuts a mighty oak.

It’s hard to believe the perpetrators thought they’d get away with this. Using state-sponsored terrorism, they are imposing a 1984 tyranny to protect themselves from prosecution. They are fomenting a gratuitous “clash of civilizations” a “never ending war” to further control and degrade us.

I say to them. Find your bliss in the only place it exists, in the service of God and love of humanity. You cannot cheat the truth nor feel good without being good. Your path leads to hell and you will not escape the inferno.

Right now humanity is lost and demoralized. But the tide is already turning. The truth is the most powerful force in the universe. Choose to be loved. Rejoin mankind and help us assume our Divine destiny.

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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.