A Prince Among the Living and a King Among the Dead

Smoking Mirrors – July 24, 2012

Dog Poet Ruminating…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
We’re not going to spend any amount of time on the Colorado shooting. Obviously it was a government op, as were all of the others. Every one of them had a companion military or police drill similar to what happened taking place at the same time. As usual there are companion efforts going on that may or may not be relevant. Why someone would wire up their apartment and then inform the authorities it was wired is also weird but the whole thing is weirder than the guy’s hair. Since Israel runs all of the American terror operations, the same way it runs American foreign and domestic policy; “I’m a patriotic American, proud to be Israel’s bitch”. People should no longer stand when The Star Spangled Banner plays. They should bend over. It’s more in tune with how it is.
We’ve mentioned here, in times past, how there were going to be a whole lot of tragic-comic events proliferating with increased frequency. Well, you’d be hard pressed to top Tony Robbin’s latest. Dumb-asses! What’s the point? It’s only meaningful if you can stand there and not get burned. Hopping across the coals like The Easter Bunny on meth does not convey to me the trust and self confidence these new age airheads tout it for. It’s like those people with Transcendental Meditation a few years ago and recently, as far as I know, who would bounce in the lotus position on their whoopee meditation cushions and convince themselves they were levitating. This is no knock on TM. It’s a legitimate meditation medium.
I find this a little disheartening but, then again, Putin is a man of many parts and I have long believed that he is playing dodge and stall; a waiting game, because the chewing gum and Elmer’s Glue being used to hold the American financial system together, has to give way anytime between now and when it happens. The idea is to stand back and wait for it to self destruct. As soon as the Israeli vultures have picked the bones clean, they’ll call in their golems and ogres to suck the marrow from the bones. To get some perspective on what degree the children of Satan exercise their temporary control over world affairs, you have only to read this. Here’s a little more speculation and info.
You can almost hear the clock ticking the way they sometimes do when you can’t sleep and the house is still. We are talking about the certifiably and pathologically insane. They want Iran and one way or another, they’ll ‘probably’ get their war. I tend to believe that Iran already has nuclear weapons. They don’t want to use them but they will. Any student of the Iraq/Iran conflict of a few decades ago knows how committed and unified the Iranians are. If they suspect they are going down, they will do everything to take it down with them. Toward the end of that war there were rats who weighed as much as 26 pounds, due to the amount of corpses there were to feed on.
The most amazing thing about the whole process of these times is the utter and abject stupidity of the mass of the population. I have wondered at length about this. I have wondered about whether it was the result of some kind of programming? Is it the result of certain broadcasting devices? I’ve finally come to the most logical, for me, conclusion and that is they were ‘born that way’ (grin). It is my considered opinion this is a matter of reincarnation. If you have studied reincarnation, in ‘the way’ that I have, you might come to similar conclusions. One of the things I do is observe generational change. That isn’t some mystery science. All sorts of sociologists and pop psych bubble heads have expounded on these things; Generation X, Generation Y, slackers and so forth. They’re good with terms and empty pontifications about the superficial side of things. Depth of any sort escapes them because there are things in the depths that challenge your ideas about life and about yourself. The result of one actually studying what lies beneath, is that their values and beliefs are threatened with change and change, which is the cornerstone of immortality, is the one thing the majority of people object to the most. They don’t like change and that’s a problem because change is the eternal constant.
The majority of people are slaves to materialism and materialism breeds fear; insecurity, uncertainty, greed, indifference to others and a host of unfortunate qualities that no truly sane person would encourage in themselves. This is where fat and complacent comes from. This is all due to appetite becoming preeminent over reason. I mean fat metaphorically. There are various body styles and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ve met fat men who are like ballerinas on their feet and who are quick and alert and generally good company as well. People sometimes get ideas about me here, concerning weight and sexual preference, when I am at incredible pains to explicate with precision, exactly why I come to the positions that I do. I’m past worrying about it now. People get it or they don’t.
It is no accident that almost seven billion people are here. For those of us who see the whole panorama and the underbelly too, we do not separate everything into parts but rather see the whole, as if it were intended to be so and then we seek to gain insight into that, through objective observation with intuitive feed, in respect of the whole because, no matter how objective or bright you might be; no matter how well informed, you don’t get the totality from sensory input, nor can you fully understand what anything means, unless you have access to an intelligence you don’t possess yourself. This is the secret of artistic genius or genius of any kind, where the practical result is useful and enduring. It’s also called inspiration. This is also why accessing the well of memory is one of the most important things one can achieve; should they know how to do this because, EVERYTHING is there. There’s nothing new. Quite a few things could be said here but we’ll defer that to Origami where it belongs.
The point of my bringing up the preceding is that when people rely on their own limited resources and when they reference material culture for the answers to problems that are the result of material culture in the first place, they’re just chasing their vestigial tail. It’s a vicious cycle and it explains the incredible denial on the part of all the self important people, whose heads are stuffed with useless information, whose only value is in being able to endlessly spout it, in the company of people who are also only paying attention to the sound of their own voices; empty rooms and empty heads filled with conversational Mylar that bounces off the ceiling, noxious brain farts that improve no one.
People are stuffed with self importance, the same way they get stuffed with holiday food and both of these cause them to bloat and fall asleep. Why do people get so drowsy after some of these meals? It’s because of the reaction of their system to the digestion of a large amount of meat and attendant fare. That’s where the red rimmed eyes from the inside come from. Toss a lot of alcohol on top of that and what have you got? You got the same thing you get when you eat all that bad information and engage the brain in tedious amusements. You get tired and stupid. Eventually your motivations become pedestrian and you are no longer capable of reaching into the higher register, or even inspired to. Everything of value becomes a threat to your survival in make believe zombie land. You are incapable of becoming a prince among the living and a king among the dead. You become the wall against your own freedom and mortality your constant companion. You gain nothing of value here and that is the currency you take with you into the lands beyond.
Wisdom demands that you acquire and accrue the coin of invisible realms, that you familiarize yourself with the landscape ahead of time but… the pressing demands of the temporary dominate the heart and mind, until the heart goes fallow and the mind heads on rails into senility. Senility is called The Second Childhood. It’s what you get when you don’t get regenerated innocence, which is the other option. I believe I have mentioned William Blake a few times. He was considered a serious eccentric in his day and one of the things he used to do, during a certain period, was to answer his door naked. His explanation for that was that he had ‘regained the pristine innocence of his youth’.
The density of these times in respect of relative darkness is extreme. Following that, has come the individual isolation tanks of ear-buds and the endless searching and tapping upon cellphones. They are the new rosary. They shut off the mind from self inquiry. All of these things have one purpose and that is to defeat the dynamic of ‘know thyself’. All of this is a calculated effect. There are actual forces at work. There are actual intelligences employed in continuous deception and the most powerful result of this influence is Fear, attended by confusion and also rage. Rage is never far off when Fear is around.
There are so many people on the planet right now because of the incredible opportunities that manifest for those who have found a way around the quicksand and the man-eating plants. Most people have forgotten why they came. They will be reminded of that sooner or when it no longer applies.
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