Louis Freeh Report is a Cover-Up

By Tom McGann – henrymakow.com July 23, 2012

Louis Freeh’s  267-page Report is sheer fluff, full of repetition and redundancies.  Its intent is to ignore the obvious fact that Sandusky is not the only homosexual pedophile involved in the scandal.  It is a ruse—a red herring to keep us foxes, so to speak, off the scent of the insatiable sexual perverts who lurk here and there in the dark shadows of Happy Valley, Harrisburg, and beyond. 

What it does not say, however, says much.

Mainly, it fails to say that there is a conspiracy of silence that has been going on for a long, long time, likely beginning when Jerry first started sniffing jockstraps of prepubescent boys some forty years ago.  Freeh would like for us to infer that Sandusky was the only pedophile in the football program, perhaps the only pedophile in all of Happy Valley. 

Freeh’s whitewash fails to mention that there are many high-powered men besides Sandusky who have a yearning for young boys in Happy Valley.

That Sandusky was treated graciously over decades by so many men and women at the Second Mile Foundation, at the University’s helm, in the Governor’s Office, and in the Attorney General’s Office—all adds to this suspicion.

Freeh fails to suggest that The Second Mile Foundation, which has 100,000 children in its fold, should be shut down. 

It won’t be, instead it will flourish.   Arrow Child & Family Ministries Inc. has petitioned the courts to take it over.  This outfit plans to retain all of TSMF’s personnel, use its offices, and spread their ministry wherever young boys need a pat on the back, a massage, a hand for this or that job, or whatever.


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