Voice of the White House September 22, 2006

“There are the real public opinion polls and then there the Official public opinion polls. The former are very accurate and we do them almost daily. The latter are made up with White House admonishings strongly in mind. These admonitions? Play it our way…or else we get our supporters to cut off your fucking advertising, punk! This means that when Bush has had a real 35% approval rating for the last six months, the national polls suddenly speak about “bounces” and rising points. Forget this. Bush is in a slow, steady decline and hovers around the mid-thirties. Even rigged incidents like the laughable “liquid bombs” the Brits concocted some time back didn’t raise the President’s approval by so much as one half a point so they told the media to knock it off. Now, if this silly shit had caused him to gain ever one point, we would see the story plastered all over the front pages for at least three weeks, forcing out the propaganda about Iran.

We here know that the Administration, ever friendly to the oil people, have asked the latter to lower the price of gas at the pump until after the November elections. Note how his friends were eager to help George out. After all, it was soaring gas prices that did Jimmy Carter in.

Don’t believe the polls, ever because they are easy to fake. Remember when Reagan was running against Carter? Do you remember the ludicrous claims that Carter was always “surging ahead?/” All lies, I can assure you, having been involved in working this racket before joining the staff of the President. Now, when you read about Bush being at 45% with maybe a bounce, forget it. George and his boys are at the end of their stick and I doubt if there will be any surprises in November.

And Bush is still frantically trying to get some kind of legislation in place so he and his crime partners can escape future prosecution for what are genuine war crimes. If George were a gentleman instead of a punk, he would take his Daddy’s issue .45 and swallow it and then we can all get back to normal living.”

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