Senator concerned about who will cut his grass

US Senator William H. Frist (R-TN) who is on the short list of the wealthiest senators in the country, has privately voiced opposition to deporting 12 million illegal immigrants that are believed to be in the United States.

Frist’s main concern in the debate about the illegal immigration workers is who will cut his grass and maintain the landscape on his 5 billion dollar estate nestled in the country side of Tennessee. Senator Frist has noted that his entire landscaping crew is Hispanic in origin and that they are instrumental in maintaining the lawns on his estate.

While Frist would not indicate how many people he pays or how much he pays these individuals to maintain his grounds, he indicated that their wages are in keeping with US minimal wage laws.

Faced with the possibility of the deportation of his landscapers, Senator Frist has indicated he that it would be unlikely that he could house and hire local Tennessee residents for the same amount. Because of his landscaping concerns, Frist has led a vocal core of republican senators who oppose many of President George W. Bush’s stances on this matter.

Presently Frist has not indicated how he will vote on this legislation. How he votes on this issue depends in part on how much it is going to rain this spring in Tennessee.