Knoll Down, Beckhampton, Wiltshire June 26, 2012

Charles Mallet – Silent Circle

This circle appeared within a known 135 minute window of (daylight) opportunity. The field was flown over in the early morning of June 26 as part of a regular morning reconnaissance of the local region. All cc recon flights are video recorded as a matter of course. The photo below shows a still (cropped) frame taken from the aerial reconnaissance video – shot at approximately 9:30 am on June 26 2012. The image clearly shows that there was no circle formation in the field at that time.
The ‘Wiltshire Microlight Centre’ lies just half a mile or so from the site of this circle event. The pilots at this airstrip took six flights during the morning of the 26th, starting around 8:00 am. Even though each take-off and landing provided a near perfect view of the area where the circle was later found, no one aboard these fights spotted any new crop circle until on the return leg of a flight; at 11:40 am the circle was spotted from one of the landing aircraft by a dutch tourist who had been scouring the local landscape for new crop circles. All earlier flights had also been laden with circle-hunters.
Given the above facts, when coupled with significant physical anomalies found and recorded within the laid wheat plants, it is considered that this crop circle event has been created by an anomalous delivery system
Circle hoaxers (SAM) claim that this circle was physically created by people on June 20 – Which is interesting when considering the above.