‘Locked and Loaded’ – Veitnam Veteran Calls for More Guns

by John – henrymakow.com July 21, 2012

Instead of gun control, the Colorado shooting is an argument for us to be armed.

If one patron had a weapon the loss of life could been adverted, at least to an extent.

In this surveillance video, an elderly Florida man was able to prevent the robbery of an Internet cafe.

Having a concealed permit to carry is Bull Sh**.

We have the right to carry arms in a holster, on our side.

It was declared by the Wisconsin Attorney General last year, publicly in a Milwaukee Newspaper.

If one movie viewing patron had a weapon it could have been prevented.

More and more buildings have signs posted ‘No Weapons, Gun, Knives, etc.etc.. They should have had signs reading.. ‘concealed carry approved for this building.’

The movie theater will be and should be sued out of business for not having an armed guard on duty.

I served in Viet Nam and we were all armed, locked and loaded. Nobody gave anybody any verbal grief. It puts every one on a level playing field.

We should all be armed, especially when attending village town hall meetings and especially when going to court. The judges would actually start to be honest.

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