Dumbass 911 Short Street

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July20,2012

Something is happening with the snakes…. I’m not a fan of a certain kind of coincidental mayhem. You know the kind of thing, where you see a strange, slacker type, grungefan in a Bulgarian bus stop, who is identified as Swedish and who almost does a curtsy in front of a camera and then a Swedish Hospital appears in Denver, to receive the dead and wounded and where’s Ginger Roger’s? It was a display right? And then the wide pics of the mourning, seated and unseen, with no one in officialdom on site by the coffins?
Two hungry rivers run, steady overflowing, one is the money river, one is the religion river, watch where they are going and watch what they are saying; unless Dumbass 911 Short Sheet Street is your address. Then I suppose it doesn’t matter if I knock, or ring the bell, you’re not home anyway. Someone will be ringing your bell though, count on it.
Bill Gates and msnbc.com, Monsanto, Baby needs a new pairs of shoes! Whose baby is it? There is no more Microsoft in the MS-NBC. Let me see… certain Nordic regions are moonwalking or no faulting, or falling out of love anyway, the deep north and the Mediterranean Spider are not getting along. One needs to look at the ‘type’ of coincidence. One needs to remember certain efforts of historical morphing, refashioning and sundry that were being engineered BEFORE the internet came into play and then one must imagine the combustibility of lies that can no longer be concealed. That’s the problem baby, a lot of people are watching. A lot of people are looking. A lot of people are learning that the numbers have been rigged for some time.
Meanwhile there’s the irresistible seductive draw to possess Iran. See, the snakes are looking for something. They are looking really hard. They found a lot of things in Afghanistan and Iraq but the thing(s) they’re looking for, the secret, priceless goodies are still submerged somewhere.
You got these 3 rivers of money, religion and blood. One is the capital, the other is the object and the last of it is the cost. Sure, there’s one more river and that’s the river that they, NO WAY, want to get on until they can seize the jewel, to the end of which, they will exhaust the first river, pollute the second river and drown in the third river. So it goes. Expect ever so much more of this. Expect ever so much more of this and soon. ♫Moon niggaz and me♫ No I am not gwyneth paltrow and I do not have expensive White t-shirts for sale. I do not have, bought and sold Black men to go on TV and say I’m their hommie, cause I was ebonically challenged. I don’t need a degree in genetics to understand how the lineage of the one owns the apartment blocks of the others and all you need is a search engine to find it all out AND you can watch in real time (from the outside… it’s always like that isn’t it?) as the cops search the Denver killers apartment.
Evil destroys itself. It creates the very instruments that are used against it. You’re watching this happen. It is happening this very minute. They are the architects of their own destruction. Imagine what it must be like for these monsters who have betrayed everyone else, now knowing they have no one to depend on but others like themselves and… and those hired guns and thugs who work for money in a time of chaos and who know all they have to do is turn on their masters and they can have all the money. Cool huh?
All over the world, people far more capable than I, far more articulate and certainly far more sane are making ingenious wormholes through the fortresses and shields they have set up for themselves because everything runs on computers, where the serious DEFENSE and MONEY gets backdoored by whatever they imagine the lover is because even numbers are sexua1 in the way they cause atoms, electrons, letters (I should have written) neutrons, photons and fuck! Even pom poms all go at it together as if under the direction of the genius with the tiny penis who’s making it happen and he, she, it, can’t hold it together.
It is about to come down and it is not going to be the way most people think; taking into consideration whether or not that is an ap they are attracted to.
Meanwhile some very very important people are looking for some very very important things and all of them are running into things they did not expect to run into.
Okay, I guess we’ll use the filtration system though it is a little time consuming.
Myself? I’m too bed… long car ride in the early morning, heading for culture shock, in a good way. Off the grid for a couple of days, no need to leave the night light on.
End Transmission…….
Our Final radio show will air tonight and be downloadable tomorrow. Just a change in venue folks, no need for concern.
Song – Visible unplugged: ♫Without a Clue♫

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