The Masonic Proctectors

Masonic Illusive Democracy

How can you totally CONTROL a population without having to be answerable to them?

The UK and USA have the most sinister system of mafia terrorism in place thanks to devil worshipping secret societies who have absolute control of all media output.

They began historically by indoctrinating various individuals in a country to swear secret oaths of allegiance to each other and secret cults then letting them out into the community to work in all fields of society without exposing their true loyalties, if they hadn’t already been railroaded into joining .

Preferably they should be in very powerful self regulated professions such as judges, chiefs of police, lawyers, bankers, politicians, government officials, military leaders, secret service spies, TV controllers, press barons, social workers, and especially doctors and psychiatrists who demean anyone who suggests such a conspiracy as being mad and the press to RUBBISH anyone who challenges their unaccountable tyrannical control.

The judiciary are so powerful in society yet their self regulation and self appointed independence are not part of the supposed accountable democratic process. Their decisions destroy millions of lives every year while propping up the crown and monarchy who head the secret society mobsters. Also they ensure that most of the court decisions do not include a JURY, as the system would fail if a lay jury of our peers was in place to ensure impartiality was available to the common man.

Also give the PEOPLE supposed democratic elections as long as each of the establishment lackies picked for election are members of a secret society, ensuring whoever is voted into power complies with evil devil worshipping oaths sworn before they obtained positions of power. Also make sure EVERYONE in power can be blackmailed from their past histories so their sworn oaths of allegiance are not broken if they change their mind or are pressured into doing something not in the best interests of the MASSIVE and CORRUPT masonic coffers.

The UK and USA media have built up historically an ILLUSION and today our organisations start to NAME and SHAME the MASONIC PROTECTORS who have failed time and again to properly publish the truth of what is going on in the UK.

The BBC have time and again failed the UK with their continued lies and deceit that has allowed this appalling system to continue. The following lists are the start of this process. We begin with the BBC board of governors who aid and abet masons working under cover throughout the UK and who bully and abuse the vast bulk of the population for their own financial ends and undemocratic power.

We will also be naming and shaming a growing number of directors of ITV,Channel 4 ,Channel 5 and SKY TV who similarly distort and lie to ensure this system of EVIL terrorism continues along with national newspaper outlets who are ALL part of this massive conspiracy.

The Chief Masonic Protectors in the UK start with

BBC Board of Governors
(Who may also be members of secret society cults as well as protectors)

1 Michael Grade CBE Chairman
2 Anthony Salz Vice-Chairman
3 Deborah Bull CBE
4 Sir Andrew Burns KCMG
5 Baroness Deech DBE (Ruth)
6 Dermot Gleeson
7 Professor Merfyn Jones
8 Professor Fabian Monds CBE
9 Jeremy Peat
10 Angela Sarkis CBE
11 Ranjit Sondhi CBE
12 Richard Tait CBE

BBC Executive Board

1 Mark Thompson
2 Mark Byford
3 John Smith
4 Jenny Abramsky CBE
5 Jana Bennett OBE
6 Tim Davie
7 Ashley Highfield
8 Zarin Patel
9 Caroline Thomson