Silverstein’s 9-11 Partner Owns Olympics “Gateway”

Salman An-Noor Hossain – Henry July19, 2012

The new Westfield Stratford City Mall, bordered on its north side by the new Stratford International Station, dominates the Olympics site, dwarfing the Aquatics Centre and Olympics Stadium to the south. Click to enlarge

Former Israeli commando Frank Lowy, 81, recently opened the Mega Mall adjacent to Olympic Stadium and Stratford subway station.

Frank Lowy was Larry Silverstein’s partner in the World Trade Center on Sept 11. 2001.

Over two-thirds of all those attending the Olympics stadium are expected to transit through Westfield’s new “Stratford City Center.”

Lowy, a dual Australian and Israeli citizen, is co-founder of the Westfield Group, operator of over 100 shopping centers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and UK. They also own Marriott Hotels.

Both these companies have suffered a long list of “terrorist attacks” for which large insurance claims were made.

A commercial promoting the London Underground as the main mode of transportation between different game sites in the Olympic village has marked the Stratford stadium with a red line connecting to it…

The Stratford station is also a part of both the Jubilee Line and Jubilee Extension Line.  Insider “Red Ox” said on this site (Comments) that either the Jubilee and/or Jubilee Extension had been targeted for terrorist bombing since 1989 (23 years ago)! This  information was given to him by Stella Rimington, ex-head of the Mi-5.

More ominous facts:

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