Lights, Smoking Mirrors, Misdirection

Smoking Mirrors – July 19, 2012

Dog Poet Transitioning…….
May your noses always be upwind when you eat and downwind when you shit. Don’t ask.
It’s never the appearance of what is in front of you that is important, it’s what’s behind the scenes. It’s never what the magician appears to be doing, it’s what he’s actually doing, while you are engaged in observing the former. That’s how magic works anyway, doesn’t it; depending on what you call magic? Not many people know that Muhammad Ali was a magician– outside the ring, I mean- or that the British Society of Magicians threw him out of their org because he was always revealing how different tricks worked as soon as he learned about them. He’s one of my biggest heroes. I named my daughter after him …but in a surreptitious fashion.
Magic, the magic of deception, misdirection and disinformation is the key influence of our times. That has a lot to do with living in the information age, the age of media and sensory dominance by special effects, performed with the intention of leaving impressions, whose intent is a reality other than the one we are in; as if any of us had any idea of what reality is… and that is the point. Any of these practitioners of false premise and perception will tell you that, “reality is anything I say it is”. They’re echoing Alistair Crowley from decades past when he said, “Magick is anything I say it is”. It’s like Karl Rove said, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do”.
I’m no fan of Crowley, though I’ll admit there were two of him. The pre-Choronzon and post-Choronzon Crowley, though one could argue the invocation of Pan might have been another transitioning point. It’s hard to know whether something actually happened or got staged; referencing the Pan episode. Of course I’m no fan of Rove’s. I’m not a fan of much and as time passes the list grows smaller. It seems like every day I find something out about one icon or another. Thankfully the only icons of any importance in my life are not mortal expressions. When it comes to magicians; philosophers, deep thinkers of whatever stripe and whatever doctrines or creeds different individuals may settle on, I note a recurring theme that continually reappears. People choose the people they admire and the ideologies they follow, based on either their complexity and attendant mystery, or their simplicity and transparency. I favor the latter. I find with the former that it tends to grant a certain kind of unfortunate self importance, giving far too many opportunities to the outspoken follower to show just how smart he is by explaining what so and so actually thought. It’s that late night dorm session thing you get, in early times, when the student has first been exposed to some small amount of convoluted thinkers and maybe did a couple of black beauties earlier on.
It all tends to hearken back to The Emperor’s New Clothes and so many of the timeless fables and fairy tales that were and are vehicles for concealed wisdom and esoteric teaching. You get to a certain point with all of that and then you either make direct contact with some living font, or an archetypal aperture. One way or another, you are in a position to get your water directly then. It only depends on whether you need to have a face and personality attached to it. Some of us don’t.
We get deceived for one of two reasons (I’ll add the 3rd possibility further on), fear or desire. Absent either of them, you’ve accomplished more than 99% of the people walking this Earth. An argument can be made for ignorance and/or confusion but, at that level, what’s being discussed here wouldn’t apply or seem relevant anyway. Strangely enough, following on, once (or twice, or many times) deceived, both ignorance and confusion bloom again and it doesn’t matter how smart you were before that.
A reader who only connects here through Facebook (strangely, there are some number who only appear and comment there and never come around here) pointed out something interesting about a particular terrible enemy of humanity, recently mentioned at Petri Dish, Michael Chertoff; “Chertoff, chertov, is it fitting then that the root of the surname is Chert (черт)? Copy and paste the Russian word into Google image search, or the dictionary (the difference in spelling the “e” and the “o” are irrelevant in this case). Here is the Wikipedia link”. There are no accidents in nature or ourselves. If you believe, as I do, that everything is just what it is supposed to be and completely under control, you tend to see evidence of this in everything. If you don’t believe this then you don’t see evidence of it.
I occasionally get people warning me about all kinds of things as if, besides simply paying attention and following my intuition, I could possibly have any greater or more positive comprehensive effect on my life. It doesn’t work that way. “The best laid plans…”. “If you want to make God laugh, make plans”… oh, there are hundreds of aphorisms to choose from. I get threatened with dire possibilities if I don’t surrender myself to their greater acumen; meanwhile, no two situations are the same and what was once is not so now, not precisely. No two people are the same and ‘you can’t step into the same river twice’. I don’t rely on my own wits and resources to troubleshoot my life. Everyone is welcome to do what seems right for them. I happen to believe that just about everyone has it backwards and upside down. Everybody thinks they are in charge of something, especially themselves. I don’t believe that for a minute. I know better; one of the few things I do know. I used to know all kinds of shit. I was really informed (grin). I was an expert (so I thought) on all manner of subjects. You only had to ask me to get a detailed synopsis. I don’t know any of that stuff now.
Not knowing all kinds of things can have a distinct advantage, when it comes to traversing the uncertain terrain of the moments in front of you. Most importantly, a great deal of what we think we know has been implanted or is the product of telepathic invasion while in the formative years. A lot of what moves us around and influences our footsteps is part of the regular broadcast. The regular broadcast is pernicious, self serving and full of shit. Too few of us realize how much the regular broadcast affects what we do and say and, equally importantly, how we feel.
It’s possible, given what happened in Syria, very recently, that the bus bombing in Bulgaria was not done by Israeli agents. They have a routine habit of killing their own people in order to make it possible to kill a whole lot of other people. It’s what they do. They kill, torment and abuse people. It’s their job description. It is not only their vocation but also their avocation. They are monsters, camouflaged in human skin. The AskeNazi Reptile Nation is an alien life form and they hate humanity with a vengeance. Like I say, it’s possible somebody finally got tired of their indiscriminate killing of everyone in reach (doubtful but possible). It could be they finally pushed the river too far. Sooner or later, assuredly they will. There are some interesting points made here that are made about the pending passing of evil and the Photon Belt. Some other points are also made about how planetary influence can no longer be predicted, with any accuracy, according to normal modalities. The future is not fixed by any means.
One should think of their position on Terra and their relative placement and perception of time and space as something like either a contemporary video game, with many levels and trap doors OR as a multi-dimensional construct, where buses are coming in and out of the station above and below you. Where you are is directly determined by your awareness. Awareness is fluid. It can alter and change. Human nature can be fluid and also calcified. This speaks to ‘degree of difficulty’. We all got degree of difficulty. Invisible winds hammer the Hell out of me with some frequency. I was not all that appreciative of the attention until very recently. I wasn’t getting it. My getting it has a lot to do with my interpretation of the reasons and meaning. It changes how I react, or don’t react.
We live in a time of malevolent magicians with all kinds of FX; lights, smoking mirrors, misdirection. The effects can be toxically soothing, alarming, disheartening, alienating and so on. They are everywhere and operating with different levels of expertise and ineptitude. There is high end and low end, both operating out of the bottom end. They broadcast in the ethers, through the television and radio and into the subconscious from subterranean stations. They’re coming from all directions. Unless you are tuned in to the central and enduring terminus, you are getting the daily printout from the dark side.
It’s like the old railroad adage; “stop, look and listen”. I listen to everyone but I pay special attention to delivery and tone.
End Transmission…….

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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