The Voice of the White House September 19, 2006

I recall some time back, when a light plane strayed into the “Forbidden Zone” around the White House, a panic evacuation of the staff was hilarious to watch. All kinds of panting chubbies, clutching pictures of Mom or their favorite plant, waddled away from the supposedly doomed Monkey Palace, tongues out, eyes bulging with fright. Now, everything is reversed. Now the fear-crazed ones are rushing into the White House, babbling with animal fear. A stray plane? No, the perception (rarely spoken of before) that the GOP will for sure lose the House and very probably the Senate in November has raised the equal probability that if the Democrats are successful, many now looting and shoving baskets full of bribe money into their car trunks will end up disgraced and poverty stricken. But Our Beloved Leader, George Bush is in an actual state of acute fear that he might be impeached (likely) and, even more frightening, hauled before the World Court as a war criminal! Joy to contemplate!

But George will not be alone. From someone in the French Embassy, I learn that “certain current American supporters” are actually plotting to commit blasphemy and make Bush and his vicious and lunatic cronies pay the price. I was told, partially in jest, that if the IDF dared to invade Lebanon again with French “peacekeepers” in place, they are under orders to return fire and blast the IDF into small pieces. Note that the French have a competent air force and Israel would then get back in spades what they did to the innocent Lebanese civilians. My French friend said, over lunch, that it was fine for Israel to slaughter Arab children and old people in Palestine and Gaza but when they encounter real men, they run away, whimpering. Egypt is being pressured by the Muslim Brotherhood to abrogate their treaty with Israel and join the other Arab states. Hezbollah has, in only a few weeks, proved the IDF to be a paper tiger and paper burns brightly. (See Blake on this)”

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