Largest Swiss Newspaper Asks if Bush Was Behind 9-11?

(translated from German into English, but not yet published online in English)

2,973 humans died with the attacks of 9/11. “Bin Laden” and “Al Qaeda”, the Bush clan cried. The world believed him. In the meantime even scientists doubt the Bush version. Now, Swiss university professors Albert A. Stahel (63) and Daniele Ganser (34) raise hot new questions.

“Something is not correct”, says strategy expert Stahel in “World Week”, and here he refers to the “incomplete” official US Government 9/11 Report of 2004.

The university professor confirms his criticism in BLICK. “Osama Bin Laden cannot be ‘the large godfather’ behind the attacks. He did not have enough means of communication”. Dr. Stahel doubts that a passenger airliner crashed into the Pentagon: “For trainee pilots it is actually impossible to crash into the building so exactly. Seven hours after the Twin Towers collapsed, the World Trade Center Building 7 next to it also collapsed. The official version: It burned for a long time. Nothing at all is clear.”

Raising questions along with Stahel is historian Dr. Daniele Ganser, his colleague at the University of Zurich. Dr. Ganser also calls the official US version “a conspiracy theory”. “There are three theories, which we should treat equally”:

1. “Surprise theory” – Bin Laden and Al Qaeda implemented the attacks.

2. “Let it happen on purpose” – The US Government knew the Al Qaeda plans and did not react in order to legitimize a series of wars.

3. “Made it happen on purpose” – The attacks were actually planned and orchestrated by the Pentagon and/or US secret services.

Ganser: “3,000 humans were sacrificed for strategic interests. The more we research, the more we doubt the Bush version. It is conceivable that the Bush government was responsible. Bush has lied so much already! And we already know that the US government planned an operation in 1962 [Operation Northwood] that was approved by the Pentagon that would have sacrificed innocent US citizens for the government’s own interests.”

As far as Ganser and Stahel go: “We only ask questions.”


Read the Swiss/German version of this news story in BLICK:


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