The Crust of Ignorance and the Jesus Bunny

Visible Origami – July 18, 2012

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It seems that the most difficult thing to make happen is to come into a state of mind where your focus is upon the direct, resident essential, as opposed to the projected appearance of manifested and diabolically controlled phenomena, which is no more than the fading echo of something already gone. The unfortunate truth is that things tend to vibrate on the mechanisms of perception even after the stimulus is gone, if it’s been pinging for long enough. Think of it as an after image and consider that the sensory mechanism, or capacity, is not activated yet which permits for the perception and recognition of what is actually extent. A number of progressive occurrences have been taking place over recent times. This has to be factored against the degree of pervasive darkness that is the signature card of this age. I like to call it The Crust of Ignorance. It’s something that has built up over time and been added to by the collective denial and persistent low level desire focus of the general population. Think of the level of difficulty as being something like teaching a pig to dance in a bombed out McDonalds, where the floor is layered with shredded Big Mac’s, quarter pounders, fries and slurry shakes. The slurry shake machine took a hit and it’s pouring some kind of viscous liquid all over the floor. The pig’s feet are making sucking sounds, as the animal moves through the wreckage. It’s going to take a lot to get the pig’s attention.
That might be an unfortunate series of images and you can substitute a wolf, wolves, chickens- a different environment and feed system, or whatever, if it makes you feel better. Or, if like me, you have a lot of respect for animals, you can substitute any generic Christian Zionist or Israeli overlord with a bad junk food habit, in lieu of the preferable human flesh and blood they usually get in the more exclusive bistros they like to frequent. You can be sure there are some number of faux, human replicants who most definitely engage in forms of cannibalism and much worse practices, simply for the power that such evil behavior gives to them along temporary lines. All wars are magical wars and all wars are engaged in for the same reasons, banker profit and the invocation of serious Leviathan evil from the depths, for all kinds of infernal purposes. On the surface, there are all sorts of motives and reasons given …but they are merely incidental and of no importance, beyond the sales pitch used to manipulate the attention and awareness of those whose acquiescence is desirable for the purpose of jingoistic support, manufactured public opinion, providing endless amounts of canon fodder and the production of war material.
Presently there is continuous subliminal, liminal and varying levels of more powerful presentations of programming and propaganda, being applied to the collective human awareness, within a certain bandwidth. Outside that bandwidth, reside some number of the population that is immune to these auditory and visual excretions from the lizard mouths, of those serving the puppet masters, who are in the employ of the ones whose intent is to turn the crust of ignorance into a super sized perversion of those foil wrapped globes of solid chocolate that you see around during the Christmas season. Merry Christmas! …by the way. On the transparent superficial side of the equation, you have things like this that stay on the front page of the Crass Media for days longer than any other news item and which celebrate screeching, agenda driven harridans, waving robo-signatures; probably done by the same out of work office temps that worked for the big bank foreclosure arms. They are demanding to see the numbers records of support by the definitely overwhelming majority, who do not want the Boy Scouts turned into S&M, B&D campouts and sleepovers. Having been a Boy Scout, one merit badge short of Eagle, I know who composes the operative authority of that org, just as I know who is bankrolling this particular farce and all of the other culture destruction engines.
I don’t watch TV but every day it is on downstairs and I can hear it when I’m in the kitchen and sometimes I go into the living room and I catch a short of burst of the inane idiocy that passes for entertainment; interviews with sex experts who know nothing about sex but everything about kinky diversions that are designed to take the awareness off of the timeless import of the act. Of course, that’s been lost for a good long time in the gen-pop, along with any working connection between the higher virtues and deeper communions. The intention of the adversary was to first turn the divine feminine into a submissive, bottom slut in order to translate the timeless into the time conditioned; effectively making the planet into a prison and whether you are actually confined for some form of rebellion against the systematized controls of the arch-criminals, or simply a wage slave in their industries that eliminate the natural landscape for the plastic-mall temples of the end time snake dance, it is only a matter of degree.
The point of perverting the sexual dynamic, is to turn it into communion fluid for demons who draw their power from the draining of a very common fluid with serious occult properties. Like the reverse Kabala, this force of liberation is subjugated into a force for confinement. This is all part of a cycle that repeats over and over again and is one of the motive powers that keeps the great wheel of life, death and rebirth rotating over and over again, for those who have made the decision to go through this over and over again. It’s easy for any number of us to get caught in a sense of futile helplessness, when we see the greater portion of our fellows willingly walking into the grinning mouth of the great devouring agent. They think it’s the entrance to a carnival funhouse but, like some of the carnivals one sees in horror movies, it’s is staffed with ghouls, vampires and assorted monsters, who feed on the level of corruption of any and every specific resident.
Seen from the surface, the appearance is grim; unless you are wandering in some temporary dream of possession, imminent acquisition or pending satiation. That about accounts for the usual 90%. Even their spirituality is based on gain of one order or another, along with an adopted, exclusionary contempt for all others and a self conferred elite status, due to being exceptional for having chosen the one and only true path. This true path usually allows for any desired appetites and the exercise of them because you’re doing it in the name of The Jesus Bunny, even though, most of the time they don’t even do that.
I live in a small town that has a high concentration of fundie, American Christian missionaries, their offspring and various children of people, living in this country and wanting to send their children to a school with certain standards. They have a junior and senior high school and they also train missionaries to go to Africa and make the terminally suffering aware of the pie in the sky when they die. These wide load, polyester junkies do not integrate with the local population. There are hundreds of them. You see them everywhere. There’s some kind of word out about me because I am shunned like someone out of a Nathaniel Hawthorne novel. One time I was standing with someone outside of a cafe they had just opened in the center of town and it was their grand opening. I was speaking in English to someone next to me and I guess one of the men involved in the project heard me and he came up and said, “Come in please”! Some other guy rapidly came up to him and pulled him aside, said a few words and they both skedaddled like I was some manifestation of the one they actually serve.
I see them in restaurants and I watch them, in my usual surreptitious fashion. I’ve never seen a single one of them say grace yet before they eat. A few months ago I was in a restaurant. I don’t usually eat in restaurants but one of us likes that on her birthdays and such. We weren’t sitting too far from a couple of the elder movers and shakers. They were in an animated conversation about real estate prospects and the profits they could make from them and it had to do with something local. They didn’t say grace either and never once mentioned anything remotely religious or spiritual. I look at the kinds of items they buy in the supermarkets. It’s as if their grocery list read, “buy only non digestible garbage. It’s what Jesus would do”.
I remember when my Kundalini was in full swing in the early years and the sort of youth (I was their age mostly) that got Socrates poisoned would come around to hear me speak. It wasn’t long before priests would show up or your generic Christian with a Bible, who would wave it at me like it was a weapon. They liked to throw firecrackers at me and the usual. They weren’t very good at argument, which is probably why they got so incensed. It’s the same word of God that they are dying on foreign battlefields for, at the command of the moneychangers who, allegedly, hung their leader up to dry. I love the smell of hypocrisy and ignorance burning in the morning.
Anyway, so it goes in this time of darkness when a darkness is upon the land and also upon the minds of those in darkness who will be watching TV at this very moment and conferring a real authority upon anyone who happens to have made it to the screen because that means they are legitimate and it wouldn’t be on TV if it wasn’t good clean fun. You see, when you have the appearance of a whole lot of power, you’re automatically legitimate and whatever you do is pretty much okay, just as it will be when they get their shot.
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