Armageddon Ahoy! The Next False Flag?

Rixon Stewart – July 19, 2012

Despite being the world’s pre-eminent power economically and politically, America is very much a nation in decline. Mired in debt, with an increasingly threadbare economy and burdened with an aging infrastructure it seems headed the way of all great empires.
There is however one notable exception in this decline. For the time being at least, the United States remains the world’s dominant military power.
Nonetheless, it is only a matter of time before that too wanes.
So how does it confront potential future challengers, in particular Iran?
Of course Iran isn’t a threat to America, not directly at least. However, Iran is seen by Israel as a threat to its regional dominance and if there is one thing in America that remains strong it’s Washington’s pro-Israeli lobby, which effectively controls U.S. foreign policy.
Together with their control of the corporate media, which frames American’s view of the world, Zionists control America like a bridled, blinkered beast – aging and in decline but still a potent military power nonetheless.
So how does it confront Iran? Particularly when one considers that having learned from events in Iraq, Iran has developed its military technology to the point where it is a military power of some magnitude now.
Although the media has downplayed this it is an acknowledged fact by America’s military. Indeed a recent Pentagon report concluded that Iran “would present a formidable force while defending Iranian territory”
As a result the U.S. and its (senior) Zionist partner have resorted to underhand tactics. In all but name they’ve waged a covert war, resulting in a string of assassinated Iranian scientists and the country’s nuclear program being targeted by sophisticated computer viruses.
While this has been going on trade embargos and sanctions have been imposed. So Iran has been under assault on multiple fronts, albeit covertly and in a campaign that remains unacknowledged by its assailants.
Nonetheless, Iran has continued to develop and after Afghanistan and Iraq the U.S. public has little enthusiasm for more overseas military campaigns. So how can America confront Iran, particularly when it poses a far more formidable challenge than either of its last two adversaries?
There is only one option but as they say, that is almost too awful to contemplate.
Nonetheless, the false flag remains an option and not just any false flag but the biggest to date. Bigger than 7/7 and more spectacularly destructive than 9/11; it will also have to be big enough to justify America’s use of the one option it has left to neutralise Iran – a nuclear first strike using multiple warheads.
Don’t think that Washington won’t do this, particularly as it’s already colluded in the dark treachery of 9/11.
Indeed, treachery and the betrayal of its own people has become one of the features of modern American governments. In 1967 for example, when Israeli jets attacked the U.S.S. Liberty and U.S. F4’s took off from the U.S.S. America to aid the beleaguered surveillance ship, the then Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ordered them to return: leaving the lightly armed Liberty to further Israeli air strikes.
This is but one example and nor is this sort of duplicity confined to the U.S. As the events of 7/7 and the Madrid bombings illustrate, the treacherous sacrifice of their own citizens has become the hallmark of modern Western governments.
The keyword here is sacrifice: for those who want to rise politically in this world it’s critical. Although the sacrifice is not for them personally, of course; instead they must encourage or conspire for others to make sacrifices, literally: through wars and conflict.
It’s a key to power in this world and its crucial that the victims remain ignorant of what they are being sacrificed for. While those who benefit from it gain all the more from the ignorance of those sacrificed.
The Holocaust is an example. Otherwise known as the Shoah, meaning sacrifice, it has been elevated to a quasi-religion. Leaving aside questions over how many died, whether they died in gas chambers or from starvation caused by Allied bombing of German supply corridors or from typhus epidemics, the Holocaust Industry has become an immensely profitable enterprise.
Yet those who solemnly commemorate it overlook the fact that the Holocaust came about through Zionist collaboration with the Nazis. It is a historical fact, largely overlooked that has delivered immense profits for the Zionists, both in terms of financial reparations and in the form of political power and leverage.    
The dark forces that preside over the corridors of power in the West demand sacrifice. Those who fulfil their demands are amply rewarded with political power and influence. Like Aztec priests when their civilisation was in terminal decline and their gods demanded ever more sacrifices, modern Western politicians are required to provide much the same.  
So the Western elite has nothing to lose and everything to gain by going beyond the treachery of 7/7 or 9/11. The only question is where and when will this next false flag occur?
We reserve judgement on whether a false flag will play out at the London Olympics. Although signs that seem to foreshadow some sort of terror atrocity at the Games have been unmistakable.
From Chinese videos that portrayed a bloody Armageddon being played out against a London skyline, to the handover ceremony at the Beijing Olympics that was full of occult symbolism, to videos  that seemed to suggest something ominous was being planned: the British capitol seems to have been slated as venue for more than just the 2012 Olympic Games.
Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options.
In fact according to a psychic friend one is being seriously considered. For although an Olympic false flag had indeed been planned, having lost the element of surprise through publicity over ‘security lapses’, the Illuminati are now looking at alternative options.
Before considering one of those alternatives, I want to say a few words about my psychic friend. First we’ve never met, he lives on the other side of the world and we only occasionally correspond with a few brief words via email. Nonetheless, he knows things about me that no one else knows.
In particular this pertains to a Near Death Experience I had some years ago. It’s not something I make much of but only someone with genuine clairvoyant abilities could have known what he ‘sensed’.
Since then he has provided valuable insights and proven himself to possess remarkable clairvoyant ability. He can, in effect, clairvoyantly eavesdrop on the behind-the-scenes deliberations in the corridors of power.  
So I give him credence when he writes that Iran already possesses nuclear weapons.
They haven’t been flaunted or publicised because on the basis of a religious decree by Ayatollah Khamenei: “the production, possession, use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is illegitimate, futile, harmful, dangerous and prohibited as a great sin.”
Nonetheless, they are being kept as weapons of last resort. The Americans know this, and now they are preparing to exploit it in a truly diabolical double-cross.
Our psychic friend stresses however, that the Illuminati are highly “PISSED” over publicity given to a possible false flag at the Olympics and are looking at alternatives.
Foremost among these is a “dirty” nuclear bomb. At least one of which and maybe more has been secreted somewhere in North America by Iranian agents. They have been there now for some years waiting to be activated.
Thing is: elements in U.S. covert operations know about this and actually helped facilitate it. In much the same way as on 9/11 Dick Cheney ordered air defence systems around the Pentagon to stand down
Our friend notified us about this in 2004 when reports first appeared on the web claiming a nuclear device or devices were hidden somewhere in North America waiting to be detonated on December 27, 2004.
Of course it didn’t happen but like all disinformation it mixed outright lies with the truth. In this case nuclear bombs have indeed been planted somewhere in the U.S. by Iranian agents with the covert assistance of rogue elements of U.S. intelligence.
Only they weren’t detonated on December 27, 2004.   
Instead, they’ve been sitting there in the full knowledge of elements of U.S. intelligence. When the time is deemed right the bomb or bombs will be detonated and Iran will be blamed. Opening the way for a full nuclear retaliatory strike on Iran with multiple nuclear warheads. Resulting in a true Holocaust in which millions could die, and with possible Russian or Chinese intervention, that could even amount to billions. 
At least that’s the plan if a terror atrocity doesn’t mar the 2012 Olympics.
The location of the bomb or bombs is of course the vital question. They may be found in Houston, Dallas or Atlanta as the 2004 article suggests, or even in all three cities.
Either way the coming months could bring humanity face-to-face with a long foretold reckoning.
Bearing in mind that nothing is written in stone and that the Illuminati could change their plans at the last moment, I’m going to conclude with a verbatim quote from my friends email.

… as the “Devil’s Advocate” I must tell you:

The world requires a cleansing. The world’s population needs to be reduced. A terrible mass death is required, planned, and WILL be executed, either by humanity (Illuminati, for we have become them) or nature.

A New World Order must be established which frees humanity from the bondage of false religion, false politics and false economics.

The Illuminati are driven towards this goal, a righteous goal.

Their intention however is to use it for world domination as to opposed to world freedom. Therein lies the difference between the light and the dark side. They see themselves as our God.


The Illuminati, in their arrogance think they are above this, with their control over false money, the media, politics etc. They will not be spared. They WILL literally, and I mean literally, be hunted down and executed as part of the cleansing they believe they engineer. It will be in the streets, with “stones”(bricks) and whatever people can get their hands on. They have engineered nothing but their own demise. They are part of the grand plan, where we must choose between the light and the dark within ourselves... 

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