Man Arrested For Protest Over Baby Eating Show

LONDON: A British man was arrested yesterday for daubing white paint on the walls of a television network in protest against a show in which a Chinese artist apparently ate a dead baby.

Martin Wyness, a 45-year-old father of two, told Reuters he had driven through the night to London from the countryside to express his outrage at the graphic documentary on Chinese art, which he had seen broadcast just before midnight the previous night.

The documentary, Beijing Swings, featured Chinese artist Zhu Yu, describing him as “China’s most notorious contemporary cannibal”.

If nothing else the episode is an ironic comment on our so-called “freedom”.

Our “free media” can broadcast whatever they want in the name of ‘art’ and ‘press freedom’. But if a member of the public is offended by what is broadcast and protests in response, they are arrested.

Just think about this for a moment and ask yourself: is this the working of a truly free society? Or has the notion of freedom somehow become twisted to suit the needs of the media overlords.

Wyness took his lead from the programs broadcasters. “I’ve got a big brush, and white emulsion,” he said before his graffiti protest. “Channel 4 told the nation that being disrespectful is an art happening, and so I am going to follow their lead.”

And that ultimately led him to being arrested for criminal damage.