For BPD’s, People are Merely Objects

By CC – for Henry July 17, 2012

Your latest guest contribution from Rosie completely nails what BPD involves and I can vouch for what she’s saying as somebody who had a mother that I now realize suffers specifically from BPD. 
The book title Rosie mentioned called “I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me” describes EXACTLY how my mom was back when she was still in my life.  Horrible vicious verbal abuse telling those closest to her all the reasons why she hates them and wants them out of her life, coupled with physical abuse, but when you oblige and run for the hills, there she is calling you on the phone in crying hysterics like a lost two year old, begging you to come back. 
So you go back, and then it’s back to being icy cold and hateful, including 180-degree Jekyll and Hyde personality flip flopping from moment to moment, as well as delusions and paranoid accusations against you about things that never happened, so you leave again….and here comes the crying phone calls again.   I used to call it “push and pull.”  
BPD’s only seem to operate in two modes – black and white, on or off, I love you or I hate you. Their ability to love and empathize was thwarted in early childhood due to abuse and abandonment (which was the textbook case with my own mom – abandonment started for her at age two, so a part of her never progressed beyond that point, then later the abuse kicked in) and so as “adults” they behave as a lost, scared, spoiled and empty children always throwing fits, who can only take take take, and never give, and who don’t understand the needs of others, and don’t know how to feel true love and empathy for other people or pets.

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