Ten Days to the London Scarelympics

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 17, 2012

Dog Poet Transitioning…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
(5 days ago I was reading something, apparently, according to someone, I shouldn’t have been. Suddenly my computer screen exploded into rapidly replicating porn images and then there was a single page, with no escape, from the Bundeskriminalamt saying that I had been viewing banned websites and I needed to pay them 100 Euro to get back on line. Helpfully, there was a drop down menu that offered me a fee of only 50 Euro, with no explanation. I’m assuming that meant; just in case you don’t have 100 Euro. They pointed out that I could pay in different internet currencies. Of course, I couldn’t get those internet currencies when I couldn’t leave the page. Paypal wasn’t one of them. It took me no time at all to realize that this was a scam. I rebooted, hoping to go into Ubuntu but that wasn’t working. I tried to format my computer and just put a clean install on. That wasn’t working.
I broke out my netbook to try to limp along until I could take my computer into the shop. Yesterday, shortly before I was to head for the computer store, I found a disk I had been looking for and next thing I knew I was up and running and far more smoothly than in the run up to this debacle. I figured I was just down for a few days and that was the sum of it. I lost a few things, of course, which I hadn’t saved but since they were mostly creative things, they are easily replaced, even if I can’t remember what they are. Whatever else is whatever else.)
The London Scarelympics begin on July 27. No doubt Michael Chertoff and a host of other Israeli, black souled luminaries,their rent boys and hired hookers, will be monitoring the event from various hotel room command centers, unless they are right in the MI6 office building and Scotland Yard. Since they run London and most of England and her colonies (via their control of the central banks and the money supply), that is no stretch of presumption. You’ll note Michael Chertoff, the dual national, is still running his dual scam, whereby he alarms the public and then provides it with varieties of shit technology that will be used on this dumb as a rock congregation. Note the reaction of the crowd to the interruptions; they’re toast. Observe this video as Mike-the Skull- Chertoff tells the lies designed to redirect public attention away from the Israeli criminals who did 9/11. This video is put together by Tribe disinfo org, We are Change. They’re like Loose Change. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see the text concerning who is who and who runs what. Is this true? The names and associations certainly are and they never mention Israel and 9/11, so…..? What was a surprise to me was to see the name Webster Tarpley mentioned. I’ll have to think about that, or at least do some research. The writer of the latest link likes to use the word ‘Jews’ over and over. I stay away from wholesaling any group, no matter even if the majority are culpable, based simply on personal experience… up to the moment. I am also subject to change and engaged in change, I just don’t have an organization, nor want one.
Dark shit is definitely outworking. I had an appointment with the Israeli Occupied U.S. State Department consulate adjunct over here, in the banker controlled European states and I was getting antsier and antsier about going hundreds of miles, staying in a hotel and being pretty sure I didn’t have everything I needed to get my passport renewed. I know I’m on the domestic US freedom fighter Watch for speaking the truth about the Israeli run, Nazi pandemic sweeping the globe. That’s a given. I finally spoke to a robo-bitch at the consulate, where I had an appointment a week from today. She’d obviously had the government mandated Dick Cheney vaccine that is the result of splicing rabid Rottweiler genes with a strain taken from Caribbean zombie blood. She ungraciously informed me that if I came in to apply that meant I would still be waiting 3 weeks (without a passport) for them to mail it because “since the (Israeli officiated and engineered) 9/11 attacks, all passports are issued ‘in the US’ by the Israeli run Department of State, under the aegis of ‘kill everyone’ Clinton and then shipped abroad. Ten years ago when I got my last passport in Hawaii and had to wait two months until the day before I left, after having paid the extra money, for an expedited passport, I have not been inclined to go that route again.
Well, I can get a passport from another country and I am going to apply for asylum in Iceland in the meantime. I think I can meet the criteria and there is something I heard some months ago about journalists and Iceland so, I think that’s worth looking into. In the meantime, I am in a country that will give me a passport if I just upgrade my language skills a skoch. Worst case… someone steals what I have, in a country to be named. I might develop a habit of leaving things on the dining table at restaurants and then we take it from there. Meanwhile, the whole world will surely change between now and December 20th. Whole identity kits of the soup to nuts variety are available on the Silk Road too; pricey but efficient. I wasn’t relying on my operator to take care of everything. Of course, I am prevented from doing that in order to show me that I need to do that. It’s consistent with so many of the unfortunate things I have had to endure to make all those points I don’t get; Kali Yuga.
We now know after Assange’s latest Syrian propaganda that he is a government implant working in one shape or fashion for Israel/CIA. We’ve pretty much known that all along, as well as his sexual escapades being arranged for a greater attraction to his faux Lord Byron persona and of course, the recent sophomoric stagecraft. He is to journalism what Andy Warhol was to art, even the resemblance is strangely ironic.
It gets more and more tedious, watching Chertoff and his Tribe member mafia dons waltzing through the corridors of usurped power. Death walks behind them, death walks in front of them and death walks on both sides of them. They are physical agents of indiscriminate and wide spread death. The gradual morphing of his features into those resembling Nosferatu is no coincidence. The similarity in his appearance and that of Olmert to a skull is also no coincidence. The state of the times and the players of record of the moment are no coincidence. There is a mysterious math that forbids anyone taking over the whole world and the usual, main cause of the failure of empire is overextension, attended by rampant internal corruption and a couple of ancillary features. You’re seeing all of that now. It is hard to imagine how very quickly the balance of power can change and how very quickly the hunters can become prey… but it happens. It can happen in the twinkling of an eye.
It’s five months before I need a new passport. There may be no country to issue a copy of what I have now and ‘think’ I need by the time that time passes. Anything could happen and there is this international citizen passport I’ve been hearing about as well. I don’t have to play their games, all I need to do is toss my concerns into the ethers and wait for the resolution to precipitate down into this plane of action. I figure that’s how I’ll play it; take as it comes and not care one way or the other. I seem to have spent a lot of time caring and it didn’t do me a whole lot of good. Certain things are important to me. They seem to be but I’m not entirely sure what they are. If I knew what they were essentially and intrinsically that might change the relationship. For the moment and times before times, I’m simply left with impressions and more than occasional contacts, with various things, both real and imaginary.
I’ve mentioned some loathsome creatures today but the list is long. I suspect there’s a considerable list of good people and a much shorter list of good people with brains and talent and then that shortest of lists, which I will demur to name, since I’m still not sure what the considerations and qualifications are. I’m just sure there is such a list.
I’ve thought and speculated about many things for some length of time. I suppose it’s a considerable time, according to a human life but a very short time according many other things. I’ve come to believe that we don’t actually learn anything except for the purpose of performance across some distance of measured time. What we come to possess, to own, in place of temporary learning, descends on us, arises in us, appears somehow and exhibits itself through us. I’m convinced that there’s another life that gets lived through all these chapters and installments and it’s possible in any given life to awaken to all of them, the same way that it is possible to be completely conscious in any given moment… well beyond the partial and submerged consciousness of people, in various states of possession and compulsion, from the self absorption of a ship on the sea, indifferent to the possibilities of the ocean beneath, until it is made aware of the, to that of a fish, dreaming of independence and whipping about in controlled response to the group impulse of the school it’s swimming in and never catching that irony either. Big predatory fish swim in that ocean and dream of their importance and untouchability and… they have some measure of that, until they can’t swim anymore and all the fish they used to eat, eat them. We live in a relative universe. You’ve heard that before but the one thing people don’t spend nearly enough attention, or focus on, is what is right in front of them and… were they able to do that, it’s a short leap from an intense focus on appearances to what lies behind them. It seems to happen automatically for some reason. A great many things happen automatically but we insist on being the author of our destiny when we are anything but.
There’s a point to all of this and I suppose one part of it is not to worry about the nasty customers among us. Their doom is sealed in a way they have little knowledge of. The ones who do, imagine that they will soon be living representatives of one of Milton’s famous lines from Paradise Lost, attributed to a particular character. It doesn’t quite work that way but, with the usual cosmic irony, one can’t argue about it afterwards. It does, after all, bear ‘some’ resemblance to it.
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