London 2012 security not compromised, says Coe

Introduction – July 15, 2012

Lord Coe is right. Security at the Games has been not compromised but that is only after shortcomings were first exposed on the Internet. They are now being rectified as troops and military are being drafted in to plug the gaps.
Had the alarm over security at the Olympics not been raised on the web those lapses may not have been resolved.
When the corporate media was first informed about failings in Olympic security, it ran a whitewash on the story instead. Indeed, when whistleblower Ben Fellows persisted Channel 4 News told him there was a “media blackout” on the issue.
Only after those security concerns went viral on the Internet did the corporate media cover the issue.
Was Olympics chairman Lord Coe aware of shortcomings before? We cannot say with any certainty although he certainly knows about them now. However, it’s worth noting that a reader has informed us that Lord Coe has “Right of abode” in Israel.
Leaving aside that publicity over security shortcomings may effectively prevent a false flag, we thought Lord Coe’s “Right of abode” was notable.   

London 2012 security not compromised, says Coe

BBC Online – July 15, 2012

Security for the Olympics has not been compromised by the failure of G4S to recruit enough security staff, London 2012 chairman Lord Coe has said.

It emerged last Wednesday that 3,500 troops were being drafted in to plug gaps in security staff provision.

“We will work very hard, we will remedy this – security will not be compromised,” Lord Coe told BBC Radio 5 live.

“This is not about numbers, this is about the mix,” he said.

G4S has said it stands to lose up to £50m after being unable to provide the 10,000 staff it had been contracted to deliver.

“The reality is – and I can’t put it more simply than this – G4S expected people to materialise and when they didn’t, as the home secretary has said, we moved very quickly to fill that gap,” said Lord Coe

A “prudent and judicious plan” had been put in place, he said.

On Saturday, G4S chief executive Nick Buckles told BBC News he only “began to know it was going wrong eight or nine days ago”.

He said that, as large numbers were being interviewed, trained, licensed and accredited, “it is only when you get closer to the Games you realise that the number is not as high as you expect”.

Lord Coe said he would not comment on reports that ministers had known of problems earlier.

And asked whether Mr Buckles should quit, he said: “That is absolutely not for me to even speculate on.”


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