Country Boy in the Big City: A Male Model’s Memoirs of Mixing With “Elite” (I)

Nathaniel – July 13, 2012

I spent the last five years in the NYC modeling, fashion, and entertainment world and have seen the cultural depravity practiced there. I have worked for and met many of the elite behind the New World Order agenda.
This is a personal story of the spiritual battle being waged by the elite against each individual soul. It is the story of how one can lose the soul to total ego-conciousness manipulated by promises and dreams of fame.
I grew up in rural America living and working on the family farm, and I was probably as natural a boy as you could find.  As a youth, I really didn’t care much about personal appearance, being popular, or what was fashionable.
I was very individualistic, and cared more about exploring life than trying to impress others.  I was pretty average to look at through my teens; just a normal husky country boy.  I never thought I could end up in New York City due to my looks.
All of that changed when I found weight training at the age of nineteen.  I was pretty strong from all the farm work so when I changed my eating habits and dedicated my self to the gym, I was able to really change my body quickly.
Within a few months I was getting quite a lot of attention from girls and everyone would tell me I should get into modeling and movies.
This was all strange to me, as I had never thought of myself in that way, but I can tell you flattery can start to work on someone very quickly.
I focused hard on natural (drug free) bodybuilding for the next few years.  In the spring of 2005, I entered a bodybuilding competition in my home state and did very well. 
I was contacted by a few people from New York and Los Angeles.  This is when my ego-consciousness began to really dominate over my inner-self, and it kept me confused for about three years.

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