Danger! Women with Borderline Personality Disorder

henrymakow.com — July 27, 2017

10% US Women Have Borderline Personality Disorder 

RFK Jr. & his late wife Mary. He has since married Cheryl Hines who played Larry David's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Click to enlarge

RFK Jr. & his late wife Mary. He has since married Cheryl Hines who played Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Click to enlarge

85% of people suffering from BPD are women and account for about 5% of the US population.
The author, Zach’s wife suffers from BPD: Having lived through it, I can tell you that the end result is a battered, beaten shadow of a man who, at his lowest, believes every harsh thing she says about him, has lost complete control over his own possessions and even his own life, and feels isolated and trapped.

I decided to repost this 2012 article after receiving this email Wednesday from Barry: “I’ve just read your brief article about dangerous people with BPD. My wife is this kind of dangerous person. It’s taken me many years to understand who she is. Since we separated four years ago she’s caused me more grief than I can describe here. I could write a book. She is the narcissistic powerful personality type who won’t stop torturing me. Is there any resources I can access to deal with her. I’m chained to her during a very prolonged divorce because she and her lawyer find ways to block the divorce/property settlement that keeps my life in limbo. Thanks for your help and understanding of this kind of dangerous person.”

by Zach — (henrymakow.com)

“Sometimes in the middle of the night, Bobby [Kennedy Jr.] would awake to find Mary standing over his bed, beating him, according to the affidavit. Bobby tried to protect himself from her punches and even once jumped out a second-story window to escape.”
– The Last Days of Mary Kennedy, 2012-07-10.
On 16 May 2012, Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert Kennedy, Jr., was found dead, hanging in the family barn,  in what the police have ruled a definite suicide. The mass media and feminists immediately started attacking Robert Kennedy, Jr., saying that he had given her a devastating blow when he filed for divorce 2 years ago.
As the days went on, the character assassination campaign grew to such a pitch that Mr. Kennedy publicized a court affidavit from their divorce proceedings that described Mary as an out-of-control woman who frequently physically and emotionally abused her loving husband and four children.

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