Black Op Military Harrasment

The time is 12.55 am, I have just got off the phone with my colleague who I work with investigating deep underground military bases (DUMBS), missing children and Extra-terrestrials. My friend who I will call ‘S’ to protect his identity lives in Southampton. Last night at around 1.00am his neighbour heard the metal shutters on the shop were ’S’ lives banging open and shut, so he came out to investigate.

In front of the shop were two men dressed in black, one was white and the other Asian. (The men who were taking photographs of me earlier this year were also dressed in black and these clothes looked like they were military style-see my last article ‘What you need to know for your future’). They menacingly eyeballed my friend’s neighbour who could see the shutters moving up and down but nobody was touching them!

The neighbour became scared and went back inside. This noise carried on and attracted the attention of other neighbours on the street who started to come out of their houses until there was over 40 people outside his shop. The men dressed in black had disappeared by this time but the shutters were still moving up and down, making a lot of noise.

Two police arrived at the scene and called for back up when they saw the commotion and a total of fifteen police officers then turned up. They tried to wake ‘S’ by knocking but unbeliveably he did not wake up. I have stayed with ‘S’ at his shop and believe me this would wake most people up who were asleep in there.

The metal shutters continued to move up and down for over two hours after this and the police were telling people not to be alarmed as they were moving electronically and would run out of energy soon. After 3.00am they stopped and the neighbours returned home.

The amazing thing about this is that THESE SHUTTERS CAN ONLY BE MOVED MANUALLY BY HAND AND THERE IS NO ELECTRONIC DEVICE CONNECTED TO THEM! Many of the neighbours knew this and that is why they were so alarmed. The police came back in the morning and when ‘S’ got up he was met by burst water pipes in his flat and police outside wanting to talk to him.

I know from my contacts in the NSA and CIA that the military ‘black op’ technology is far in advance of anything we see in the public domain and can do things that may seem unbelievable to our conditioned view of reality. I believe this was a psy-op military intimidation tactic to scare us into stopping our investigations into the underground base and ET situation.

The Southampton police were at a loss to explain the situation and were looking to ’S’ for answers. ’S’ did not go into detail about what we had uncovered but showed the officers some photos of UFO’s that had appeared in the sky over the shop a couple of weeks before. One of the officers replied “Your shop is possessed by demons”.

This may seem unbelievable to many people but this case is all on police file and ‘S’ will be able to have access to the surveillance street camera footage on Monday. He will have to pay £10 for the tape and hopefully this will show the ‘black ops’ boys on it. We have also had black helicopter harassment over the last few weeks.

If any of you are reading this I have a message for you-’These acts of desperation show what a panic you are in trying to keep the ‘Above top secret’ lid on the underground base and ET situation, the truth is coming!

James Casbolt-St Ives, Cornwall.