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Visible Origami – July 9, 2012

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Long time readers of these blogs know that I started touting, only for myself, the capacity of Ketamine to act as an antidepressant far in advance of anything on the market some time ago. They will also note that I have mentioned that the source of certain forms of depression is physical and psychological abuse visited upon a child in their formative years. It messes up your serotonin flow. I started saying this about 4 or 5 years ago. I caught the usual ration of uniformed abuse from know it alls, who, like most know it alls, know nothing about the subject and have either little experience in the ingestation of certain comestibles or… because they were fear based and highly resistant, psychologically, to the salutary effects of certain psychotropics had one single, or a handful of recurrent bad trips. Ergo, they have become an authority on what is good for others.
Some of these ‘experts’ make their negative claims based on the proclamations of certain spiritual teachers, concerning things along the lines of, “you can’t find God with substances”, or that the regular use of substances is a a big no no. I tend to agree with that because I don’t think most people should take sustances and I don’t believe that in the case of most people that you can maintain a steady course in spiritual advancement by the regular use of chemicals. I’m not most people. I have a special dispensation and there are some others of the Shamanic type; certain Tantrics and others who are allowed a degree of freedom in this area. I have never promoted the use of substances for others. Most people can’t handle these things and their attitude is wrong to begin with. That is a major key. I use certain things as sacraments and employ ritual and certain communication devices in the process. I offer these things up as engines of interchange between myself and my invisible friends; more on my invisible friends, once we have some introductory context about comestibles.
I have, in fact, encountered the divine, full on, many times via certain essences. I have seen the forms, in the Eastern expressions many, many times, right in front of me. Of course they are projections from within. How does that change anything? I’ve seen green holographic Buddhas in the foliage more times than I can remember. I thought everyone was seeing these things. I’ve seen the great radiant serpent moving in and out of the Earth. I’ve seen The Lady, glistening and shimmering in her kingdom. I’ve seen Lord Ganesh, capering across the landscape and taken many a walk with him. These happen with or without additional incentives these days. I’ve encountered and seen entities and conditions of which I have only mentioned a few in these pages. This is the case with others as well because it was their burning desire and intention to see these things.
About two years ago, the poster, ‘mouser’, sent me an article about Ketamine in Sweden. It had just been approved as a legitimate treatment for depression there, though some steps remained prior to it’s introduction on the market. One of those steps would certainly be getting around the dung slugs who run the pharmaceutical crime syndicate. Today, the poster, ‘Esteban’ sends me this.
Some years ago, when I talked more about diet, more than I do these days, I have mentioned that good diet will ward off all sorts of contemporary diseases (and they are very much contemporary phenomena). I’ve mentioned that Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, are far more effective in treatment of many conditions than allopathic, symptomatic, invasive black magic, medicine. Today I find this on the alternative media, mere moments after reading the article about Ketamine. It was also referenced in the Crass Media, as noted in the article.
A few years ago I recommended to a certain person that they should try macrobiotics for the varieties of health issues they were faced with. This person attempted to do this, along with some members of the group she is associated with. Some time after, she contacted me to tell me that that was a big mistake and this and that happened. Anyone who has followed macrobiotics knows that it is considered that most people are sick, due to bad diet and that when engaging in the entry period of macrobiotics that initially all sorts of discomfort may arise, because of the changes being made to the system by the new discipline. It is critically important also to be aware of the fact that one should have a competent authority involved in the process because it is an involved science and requires some degree of professional input. As a result, I told this person from the gitgo to go to one of the Michio Kushi Centers or something similar.
Ironically, Kushi developed colon cancer and this, no doubt, sent the skeptics into a tizzy of self-righteous ecstasy and probably right down the street to a Burger King to celebrate. I suggest that the usual collection of know it alls read this short compilation, especially toward the end about where Kushi’s dietary disciplines were at, during the period leading up to his difficulties. Read the damn thing.
Readers here are aware that I eat large quantities of garlic, usually around a bulb a day. When I first started eating garlic, I left a swath of aroma in my wake. Time has passed and you can’t smell it on me at all most of the time. The reason for this is that garlic is a blood purifier and it forces the poisons out of your system and that is why you smell the garlic, especially when people eat meat. There are many ticks here in the area. People get bit by them all the time and sometimes bad things follow. I walk all over the fields and woodlands here. They get on the dogs and we have to remove them. People I know find them crawling on them. They never come near me, period. I can go without a shower for weeks and have done so, for the purpose of demonstration. There is no noticeable smell on me. I have done this here and in Italy, when I have had guests, just to show the truth of it. People can argue all they want but the proof is in the putting. I almost never catch a cold or a flu. Once every five years or ten years I contract the same flu like conditions that lays me out for a few days. Except for that period a little over a year ago, I’ve had excellent health and it defies reason considering how I behave sometimes. It bears thinking about.
I have taken psychedelic substances, well over a thousand times in my career. Would you say that my mind doesn’t work very well or that my facilities seem impaired over the long run? Some people have special dispensations. It is the end to which things are applied that counts, not the thing itself. A tool can be used in a wrong or unconscious manner or it can be used intelligently. I’ve far less association with these things than I once did, simply because other states are now coming into play. As a result of the passage of the Venus aspect, spoken of here in the comments and possibly some other planetary adjustments, I am able to meditate again. For a couple of years I was not allowed to and when I tried to, bad things would happen. Suddenly that’s all gone and my gratitude is inexpressible. Make of all this what you will. My concern with general opinion is something less than secondary. What comes after tertiary? I am concerned ONLY with results. I get results, very good. I don’t get results, or undesirable results, let’s try something else.
About my invisible friends; it was 4 or 5 years ago, as I have already mentioned that I was introduced to Ketamine. I was walking on a street in Basel, on my way to a drug emporium, where you could buy most things. They were around for some time, until the psychopaths from the US, who control the illegal drug trade, in order to finance their ‘black bag’ murder industry, had them shut down through the usual arm-twisting methods. One of my invisible friends said, “ask about Ketamine”. I’d known about it for years but never felt any curiosity. I bought a small sample and took it home and tried a little. I thought, after a few minutes, “Hmmm, okay, I see what this does, might as well just do the rest and move on”. Well, the rest was 2 or 3 times what I had taken initially and that was a game-changer. I’ll point out that it is very, very difficult to overdose on K. You can get into trouble if you start mixing it into a cocktail of substances, if you are an idiot and deserve a Darwin Award …but that’s other people. That’s not me or anyone else who wants to be conscious and aware about what they do. Have I always been conscious and aware? Certainly not. I’ve paid many a price and taken many a lick, for the purpose of demonstration.
My invisible friends have told me many things over time and they invariably prove out. Now they’re telling me all kinds of things about India and other potentialities. A lot of the time I can’t discuss these things. They could be considered too far out. I mentioned something to a couple of people; one I sort of know, internet-wise and one had shown up in that flurry of Red Ice listeners. I had a pretty amicable communication going with both of them. I have yet to hear back from either of them now. I chose the opportunity to do this to see what would happen. I often do things like that. On a positive note, I told an astrologer of recent introduction about some of these things and they didn’t phase her negatively whatsoever. You have to be aware of the possible state of mind of those you communicate with.
This posting is not about comestibles. It is about how things prove out. No one can deny that I mentioned the efficacy of a certain item here, far previous to official commentary. That’s the case with a lot of what gets said here. Blame my invisible friends. We all have them but they differ in origin and scope, depending on your aspirations and intents. That’s it. There ain’t no more to it. Whether you are influenced infernally or otherwise, is because of you and whatever you value and are after.
People can argue and scoff all they want but that is pointless if I can clinically prove my contentions; same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That’s no cause for laurel wreaths on my brow. That’s because of who I hang out with. Can I yet contract some terrible condition for the purposes of demonstration? Assuredly. Can I get dumped into the shit still? Assuredly. Therefore, it behooves me to seek to be self deprecating and humble, insofar as I can manage that. It behooves me to observe myself at all times, as it does you as well. Strive hard and seek the inner luminescence. Not much good is going to come from any other effort and not for long if it does.
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