Iran Prepares to Meet Its Enemies

News Brief – July 7, 2012

Over the past few years Iran has been steadily upgrading its defences in the face of repeated threats from the U.S. and Israel. With veiled references to ‘all options being on the table’, both have implied that they would not rule out military action over Iran’s disputed nuclear program.
As yet neither has. Thanks in part, analysts believe, to Iran’s development of its own domestic defence industry.
Under the Shah Iran had been almost entirely reliant on the West for military equipment but the Islamic revolution changed all that.
With the imposition of sanctions following the Islamic Revolution Iran began developing its own defence industry, and now much of its military equipment is indigenously developed and manufactured.
A wide variety of missiles, some of which are quite sophisticated, as well as tanks, armoured vehicles, fighter jets, attack-helicopters, radar systems and a destroyer have all been fielded by Iran in recent years.
The latest weapon in Iran’s growing arsenal was unveiled Saturday when a production line for a new anti-armour missile was opened.
Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi inaugurated a production line for the Dehlavieh missile, an advanced missile system that could be used against armoured vehicles, low flying aerial craft and smaller naval vessels.
Vahidi said the missile’s “guidance system” made it particularly resistant to any form of electronic warfare interference.
In addition to being “mobile and shoulder-launchable” the minister said the Dehlavieh missile system could also be used “in anti-tank warfare”.
The unveiling of the production line follows nationwide missile tests days earlier, when multiple indigenously developed missiles were fired at a target in central Iran. The target was supposed to simulate a U.S. military base in the region.
While the Dehlavieh missile system may not be a Weapon of Mass Destruction it represents yet another stage in Iran’s development of weapons technology. Indeed, although Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has described nuclear weapons as “a sin”, we have it on good authority that in terms of conventional weapons technology at least, Iran may have some surprises up its sleeve.  
This is from the very same source that warned us that the West would invade Iraq – ten years before it actually happened. According to our friend who is gifted with notable psychic gifts, in terms of battlefield weapons technology at least, Iran is in many respects ‘on par with the West’.
With mass production of the Dehlavieh missile having commenced, most of Iran’s frontline units should be equipped with it within a matter of months.
Meanwhile, the Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces announced on Saturday plans to launch a military drill codenamed Qaem in western Iran on Monday.
Iran’s military drills coupled with its regularly unveiling new weaponry are more than belligerent national bravado however. Iran is actively preparing for military confrontation and given the repeated threats from the U.S. and Israel, who can blame them?

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