Iron Curtain Encircles Latin America; USA Next

Marcos – July 7, 2012

Sao Paolo – Some people still believe that Communism died in the 1980s with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Instead, Communism adapted and is flourishing.

Recently, another meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo took place in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, land of the caudillo Hugo Chavez.

Not many people know about this “Forum.” It is an association of Marxist parties and terrorist organizations, founded by Brazil’s Lula and Cuba’s Castro in 1990 with the objective of Marxist revolution on the continent.

They have transferred the Iron Curtain from Eastern Europe to Latin America.

The Forum currently controls the majority of the continent, with governments in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. They also have strong ties with the narco-terrorist group FARC in Colombia and several other Communist groups in every country in the region.

If anyone still doubted the strength of the Forum, events just last month leave no doubt. Paraguay got rid lawfully of a corrupt Marxist president who was promoting class war in the country.

He was impeached by the Congress. Before the vote was confirmed by the Senate, as the Constitution requires, the Forum sent a delegation of chancellors from Brazil, Venezuela and Uruguay in ask the military to stage a Coup d’Etat and reinstate their criminal buddy. Fortunately, the military sent them away.

Not to be discouraged, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay simply suspended Paraguay from the regional bloc Mercosur and admitted Chavez’ Venezuela, an action that had always been opposed by Paraguay.

Chavez simply destroyed Venezuela’s economy, a very rich country, and a main supplier of oil to the US. Recently, a former Supreme Court Judge defected to the US and became a DEA informant.

Under Chavez orders, he had to help the Army to traffic drugs. Venezuela supplies the FARC with guns and gets drugs in return. Russia is the main supplier of arms to Chavez’ army and militias.

Last week, a former terrorist from the FARC, now a senator in Colombia, Piedad Cordoba, was welcomed at the Forum’s meeting. The connections are everywhere and are too numerous to describe here. Suffice it to say, the Forum means business.

Argentina and Venezuela have a de-facto censorship of the press, and there is much talk of the same here in Brazil. While they can usurp power through elections with populist candidates, they will. If they can’t, they will use any other means.


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