These Things too are for the Purpose of Demonstration

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 7, 2012

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Well, let’s see, there’s this, to the eternal shame of the good old boys, who are making food out of other people’s families and there’s this which is an ‘in praise of’ article that probably goes into the academic curriculum and compares with what you might see when other people talk about their forebears like Washington and Jefferson. As was pointed out yesterday, you can’t say certain things, unless you happen to be one of the people you can’t say certain things about. This is how you get the people who were behind 9/11 being on the receiving end of preferential treatment, which was the intention when they orchestrated that attack on the United States.
Today is the anniversary of the ICTS associated attack on the London Tube in 2005. They were running security at all the 9/11 airports. They were running security at the London Tube. They were also in place at The Madrid Train Station when that got bombed. Good luck finding links on the internet placing ICTS there. That’s been well scrubbed. The sheer weight of associations between Israel and just about every terror act in recent decades is inarguable. If you’ve got a couple of hours you’ll find lots of heartwarming copy here.
At the London Tube, the claim was made that young Muslims with backpacks filled with explosives were responsible. No one saw this actually happen and the explosions came from beneath the floor of the cars, not in the carriage. So, apparently they magically slipped on to the tracks, under the cars and attached the bombs underneath the cars and then magically slipped back up on to the landing. Well, of course they did. The press, which you can’t say they control, but which informed sources prove they do control, said so.
Why can’t you say certain things? Do I really have to ask that question?
America had it’s first black president with Bill Clinton, a white man. Then it had it’s first Jewish president, Bwak! Obama, a black man. Who has controlled Homeland Security, of which the TSA is a subsidiary, since it’s inception …and who sits on the controlling congressional committees? Need I answer that?
The coming abondanza false flag attack, soon to be blamed on Iran, if they don’t finagle what they want through Syria or some other avenue, should be a doozy. Rothschild controls the UK. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’d say, “Wake up people”! However, ‘the people’ don’t read here. A few people come through these sites, maybe that’s how it should be, speaking of wide highways that lead to perdition and narrow paths that lead elsewhere; liberally paraphrasing scripture.
There is little hope for continuance in the existence of the masses, when they have become so stupid and materially focused that very little will take their attention off of their stomachs and their private parts. All hope lies in Mr. Apocalypse and he will do his job to the extent that mercy demands in relation to that upon which Karma insists, ♫waking up is hard to do♫ … with apologies to Neil Sedaka.
You’ve heard variations on this theme many times here. It can get redundant and repetitive. It needs to be said over and over, because the truth is more powerful than all the lies ever told put together, in the same way that the source of all power is infinitely greater than all of the armies of the world. One individual hosting this force can destroy all of them while playing ping pong with the other hand. A lot of people don’t believe this and they will have the protections and assurances of whatever it is that they rely on. That’s how it works. That is what the purpose of demonstration is all about. World events and appearances of power have nothing to do with what actually is. Everything that is happening is to provide the stage for conclusive demonstration. All of the information finding it’s way to people, because of the pressures placed on them, that drive them in search of answers, is not accidental.
One of the most important metaphysical concepts that a person needs to grasp is that the agency of darkness serves the long terms interests of the light. All of the infernal hosts are simply employees and anyone in full possession of the truth of this, automatically controls all of these forces and has nothing to fear from them. Various individuals have proven this conclusively and will continue to. Any time an employee of the eternal finds themselves in temporary distress it is to prove a point. The more sure that employee is, the more quickly the situation is resolved.
Readers of occult history know the tales of people walking right out of prisons, disappearing from the eyes of those who can only see on a certain bandwidth, being impossible to find and so forth. I have direct and multiple experiences of this. Whether one considers the curious case of Cagliostro in The Bastille or Appolonius of Tyana, when charges against him were being read by the court, or whether one has no previous inkling of their existence is a private affair. Cagliostro was a very interesting fellow, as was/is Appolonius and many, many others. Most people don’t read about them and most people don’t hear about them; people like Hermes Trismigestus and others.
This is Kali Yuga where the very worst of us are feted and celebrated but under the radar, people like those just mentioned, still walk among us today or dwell in hard to reach locations, awaiting what is coming, or awaiting the moment they are called on to appear. I have met several such persons and am the recipient of their generosity. I’m not the Lone Ranger here. Anyone who is determined to do so and will not relent, regardless of the trials and difficulties thrown in their way, can accomplish such meetings. Qualities like determination and various types of intensity, give off a luminescence that attracts such meetings, in much the same way that a bee is attracted to a flower. All of these things and many things deemed miraculous, are no more than the working out of hidden laws of Nature that are made possible by winning the favor of The Lady.
Occult history is filled with tales about such people but many of them are not even to be found in the common and distorted histories, like Mehmet Karagoz. Fundie Christianity hears the word ‘occult’ and immediately associates demonic agency, when all occult means is ‘hidden’. No doubt you can find representatives of every realm in the occult. You find what you are looking for, if you keep looking; whatever that may be. There is a reason that today’s heroes are corporation heads, vacuous, squirrel brained celebrities, athletes, rock musicians and sundry. None of this is by accident. The enormous lies that encircle and inform the culture are not by accident. The power temporarily in the hands of criminals and psychopaths is not by accident. There is a war on and you can probably figure out what the real booty is.
Personally I have less and less interest in what is taking place here and aim to do something about that. There are plenty of places in the world where what you see all around you at the moment are at a distance. There are places hidden in plain site and places that cannot be found unless someone takes you there. You could wangle an invitation if you knew who to ask but you do know who to ask. There are a couple of qualities that one needs to have developed to a certain degree. Some people have done some amount of the work required and some people are just very good at texting or getting laid in their brief windows of opportunity. All the chaos, confusion, lights and sounds are there for a reason. All the material objects and conditions are there for a reason. The historical distortions and endless litany of lies are there for a reason. You could say that is for a very good reason or a very bad reason. It comes down to how you see things in the first place and whether you believe the whole thing has benevolent intent or the opposite. It comes down to where you think the power is and this determines what you give fealty to.
Well, we don’t have to linger here and we’ll see about tuning in that internal GPS so that, where it applies it can apply. I think back on so many of the people I have known. Far too many of them live in some version of Miniver Cheevy land or they are pursued by hungry bears; the victims of solitary and powerful appetites, fears and depressions or, simply dead for the moment, or back again by now. I wander in my mind and spin the Rolodex and I can think of a few who are on a similar path to myself; some other way up the mountain but, they are few and when one considers the consistency required, fewer still.
Yes, the bad guys are what they are and they’ve been named here. We didn’t bother to list so many of their helpmates. You know who they are. All around you, you can see the masses fascinated by the whole show and wondering how they can get to be like that. That time will come, as will every other opportunity that anyone has put the necessary industry into. We’re all here for the purpose of demonstration. You are here for that and I am here for that and they are here for that. I’m sure, in my own passage, there are some that would have rather not been exposed to some of the demonstrations but hindsight informs me that most demonstrations are like everything else, under control and for a purpose based on a very good reason. We don’t always know why things happen the way they do, when they do, …but we find out eventually. Over to you.
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