Wake Up and Smell the Bodies Burning

Smoking Mirrors – July 6, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well, you can’t please all of the people all of the time and if you try to, some valuable things must, of necessity, go out the window. Telling the truth is a dicey proposition. I should probably say, ‘trying to tell the truth is a dicey proposition’. A lot of people think that when you try to tell the truth, you expect people to agree with you. That would be foolish. It’s foolish to try to tell the truth in any kind of a wider format. Truth does not have a wider format. Truth is a narrow and generally inexpressible thing. You can state and you can indicate and you can shoot around corners with hypothesis and if resonance exists, then it will do the job that words are just not suited for. Music, which is another kind of math and math, are generally more effective but it gets theoretical quick and then comes up again things like ego and whatever the affected mind is attached to and which will certainly influence the capacity, of whatever mind, to assimilate things that challenge those attachments.
If you’re making a lot of money off of what you do and a good portion of it is not going toward helping out your fellows, then I consider you a failure. If you are not giving away what is priceless for free then you have undervalued the product and don’t have an awareness of what it is worth, which means you don’t possess it in the first place. You can apply what I just said to anything I may have said recently and, by all means, if you believe otherwise you should present your argument to the contrary and tell me how shameless self promotion and the hand cranking of a serious money machine pump is justifiable because, “Hey, Elmer Gantry saved a few souls even if he was a depraved sonofabitch”.
The world of present time is manipulated by some of the worst mouth-breathing hypocrites the world has ever seen. Most of everything you encounter is compromised. Yet people must, because they have given out money, time and good faith, insist that all of this takes places without the principle being aware of it. They just will not go there because it hurts too much. They don’t get that these things are all set up to break their hearts and kill their faith in the first place. The corruption is operating from a ground up top down dynamic. The absurdity is off the charts. People are making their way the best that they know how to. It’s a bewildering panorama and it is consciously and intentionally bewildering. It is designed to make you feel helpless and lost but all of that is meant to encourage you to seek what is meaningful and, until you do, it will get more bewildering and you will feel more lost. Count on it.
Corporations are soulless monsters who care about nothing but profit and that means to squeeze out every possible penny for maximum return. This means to get the cheapest labor and provide the fewest benefits to the workers and they have government in their pocket to make the laws that legitimize this. The outrages are impressive, mindblowing really. These are only the things you see and hear about. Imagine what is going on behind closed doors; cue Charlie Rich.
One has to keep the conditions of the times in perspective. One needs to see what is actually going on behind what appears to be going on, or one will descend into a slough of despond and become suicidal by direct or indirect means. A lot of the problem is the complexity of desires that are part of the operation of Occupy your Mind. Desire is fire. You need to wake up and smell the bodies burning. The key, as an ancient sage once said is to, “cut down on senseless craving”. This is how you get hooked into the big wind turbine, shit machine. You want too much and you want the wrong things and you want some kind of avuncular Dr. Phil to tell you that’s all right. I don’t do that. I’m not here to take your ‘me generation’ in my arms and tell you you’re okay. You’re not okay, not at the moment anyway.
Too many people want that soft soothing voice that’s going to tell them what they want to hear. They want you to reflexively speak well of their heroes with feet of clay and never point out all the money these people are carting off in bushel baskets, for their own gain, because self interest is at the heart of what they do.
You see advertising on my sites? All of that advertising is free. I went to those people and asked them to give me a logo because I believe in what they do. It’s a good product, or an effective remedy. I’ve got some books for sale but most of them went out free and the same with the music. I try to operate a small business out of my creative works but it is definitely not enough to put food on my family. I am not a bad businessman per se. I’m not stupid or lazy. I do it like this because I believe it is the right thing to do. I set it up this way to begin with. I’ve arranged for whatever money that comes in and, trust me, it eventually will come in, to be portioned off to the advantage of others, without me being able to later reverse that. I am very calculating in a ‘couldn’t care less’ kind of a way. I don’t care if people like me or don’t like me. I have amply demonstrated that and I will destroy things, if I think they are suggestive of a direction I don’t want to go in. I will step on people’s frogs with a calloused indifference because I don’t, quite frankly, care about their sensitive issues and tender feelings. That’s a big part of the problem to begin with, all this need to nurture the touchy feely beast within. That’s how we got all this hate crime horseshit and catalog of remembered injuries that turn out to be a terrible curse on the next person who comes into range. We live in an atmosphere of pandemic neurosis; hysteria, psychopathy, obsession and compulsion. What about me? Boo hoo. I had a childhood and a following life of mostly uninterrupted misery and loss and I’m not looking in the rear view mirror. I figure I got what I deserved, no more, no less and I’m taking my payoff near the end of the road or at the end of the road. So…
…so, when I hear about people giving talks on non duality and walking away with several tens of thousands of dollars every place they hit and I had already heard about this before it showed up in the Origami comments, well, I tend to get a little offput by that and if that is non dual, when it fact it is as dual as it gets, then maybe I’m missing something. Yeah, I’m missing my own bags of cash. When I see people, who may be doing a good in some respects but who are making a boatload of cash and whose websites are 50% self promotion, to a degree that horrifies me AND they are asking for donations too, well, I guess I don’t know what to think. I see people flying all over the world giving talks and seminars for a good amount of change and talking the most outrageous bullshit about things that do not occur; who whip up both hope and paranoia for no other reason than that sensationalism sells… it tends to offend me. I agree, it’s probably none of my business but, then again, maybe it is.
Mitt Romney raises one hundred million dollars in a month from people who expect a return on their investment. All kinds of other people are turning a supposed to be spiritual, self help system, into a department store of affirmation cards, candles, incense and various perversions on ancient mysteries and wooing the tens of thousands into a hypnotic state of surrender, to something that cannot possibly possess any operative virtue, because virtue is not a camp follower of the traveling, carnival marketplace. Ten people can say the same thing and the words can be correct as far as the words go but THE POWER is not there and without that, they are just words. When words are attended by THE POWER they have enduring results. They change lives. They don’t just rearrange the furniture.
The time is going to come when you will have to, life and death, depend on what you have taken to be true. When that happens, all those people with those bags of money will be out of town. There’s nothing wrong with celebrity. It is a Karmic condition that attends particular births. Prostituting oneself and one’s message for the perpetuation of …and… an endless increase of celebrity …is something else. Sooner or later we will see what’s what and who’s who. There are a great many people; small by comparison to everyone else, who are tirelessly working in the vineyard, under the radar, in the quiet of their own being. There is a collection of unknown souls whose company I am not worthy to keep …but I’m working on it and some of you are too.
I’m a flawed individual in some respects but that is for a reason that I am aware of. It serves a purpose. That condition will change in the foreseeable future, as all of our conditions are altered, according to how we applied or buried our talents. More than enough people have a good awareness of where I’m at behind the scenes, as applies to communications and personal appeals and I am sure that is the case with every one of us. Judgment comes upon us according to the condition and intentions of our hearts and minds, AS WELL AS whatever we may have accomplished or failed to accomplish in the hearts and minds of others in a ‘by their works ye shall know them’ sort of a way. We all make mistakes every single day and we are supposed to because of the opportunities given to us in the followup and aftermath, where our measure is taken for better or for worse.
We all work for somebody, even if it turns out that we only serve ourselves. We all work for something and we will all get what we deserve, in every sense of the word. On one level, most people hunger and thirst for the truth and on another level, most people want no part of it. There’s a cognitive disconnect at work here and it is an essential conundrum that we would all be well advised to address at the earliest opportunity. Most of us communicate with our employers in a relatively frequent manner. I know I do. I try to do what I’m told. It isn’t always easy and it isn’t always pleasant and there are all kinds of ways around this, if getting lost is no big deal. I happen to believe that it is. Bon Chance.
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