Cohabiting with a Monkey

Henry Makow – July 4, 2012

I have a confession to make. I’ve been living with a monkey for most of my life.
I call him “Curious George.” (He is very curious to me.) We’re an odd couple. He is always posturing and foraging. I try to keep him in check.
His vulgarity is a constant embarrassment. It seems that at a young age, his mind was corrupted (programmed.)   
When he sees a fertile female, he doesn’t see a human being. He sees a hypothetical sexual partner. He’s thinking, “Wow, she’s cute” or alternatively “Oh my God, who let her go outside?” This is “Sex-obsessed George.”
When his best friends suffer some misfortune, he does feel compassion. But there is a tinge of satisfaction. This is “Schadenfreude George.” Or should I say, “Insecure George?” 
Paradoxically, George is not a jealous monkey. He accepts that there are smarter, more talented, more hard-working monkeys, who are more deserving than him.   
Sometimes I think of George as an airplane and I am his pilot. I have to fuel him up at least three times a day, clean his cabin and empty his toilets. Sometimes his batteries wear down so I take a nap.
I sit in the cockpit in front of a computer screen. George wants a drink. George needs stimulation. George is always “wanting” something.
This is “Bean-counter George.” He tries to increase his store of coupons (called “money”, very useful for acquiring food.) He also thrives on getting recognition from other monkeys and gets quite angry if they act like, well ….monkeys! 


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