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Visible Origami – July 5, 2012

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There’s a little group of individuals that runs from the extreme of Sorcha Faal (such a fool), also known as David Brooks/CIA, to Mr. ‘The Yakusa are coming”! Benjamin Fulford. It moves through Mr ‘Mass Arrests’ Drake to David Wilcox and then includes a selection of lesser luminaries, who say all kinds of things. These lesser luminaries make less money. Make no mistake, all of these guys make money and jet around the globe talking about all kinds of things. I used to read David Icke’s books and I credit him with turning me on to all kind of things, long before I wrote blogs and lived in a Garden of Eden type of resort that I managed out on the Hana Highway on Maui. Then he started putting out books about mind controlled sex slave women, who were performing for George H. Bush; probably to cover for Bush’s real tastes and that led to underground locations, where all kinds of weird things went on; Cathy O’Brien was one of them. She’s ‘handled’ by an ex intelligence agent named Mark Phillips. Yes, I know this is the metaphysical blog and I will segue into that shortly.
I can’t know how many of these things are true, or whether some people are shapeshifting lizards. I’ve had direct experience with the reptile entities but what I got was that they operate as a control mechanism, for individuals who have given themselves over to that kind of access. I read a lot and I hear a lot and I get some sense of things …but they are never like what I am told. Who do I trust? I trust my inner light, which is a transmitting center of intelligence that perceives and comprehends from a place beyond my conscious capacity. It has proven to be accurate by a very high percentage and it is responsible for the resonance that gets experienced here. By now, I think the vast majority of those who come here will agree, something goes on here. What that is might not be entirely clear but something is going on. India will bring a greater clarity to all of that at the end of the year and in following times. Certainly that might begin earlier as well. This isn’t in my hands but it is in certain hands. I’m convinced of that.
These women and their wild tales, are they true? When I have offered certain doubts, I have heard about it from certain quarters because the people objecting to my take have an ‘investment’ in the tales being true. This is something we need to look at in ourselves; are we invested in a particular belief system? Do certain things validate what we want to believe to be true? This is the wrong approach. One should not start out with presumptions and then collect material that supports and justifies them. One should begin from the premise that one doesn’t know anything and then prove and test what arises in the process of inquiry. One should, above all, study oneself.
To my mind, if there were any real truth in these women’s claims they would have been silenced and they would have never been released out of these announced conditions. That makes no kind of sense, nor do the threats of elimination prior to, jibe with the end result. Do such things happen? Assuredly they do. Are horrific things taking place, like these or worse? Yes, they are. Why would someone promote things like this? They do it because they are ‘sensational’ and they pique the imagination. They heighten the celebrity of those promoting these tales and enhance the opportunity to tour and make money talking about them. All of these people are making money and gain celebrity. People invested in these things being true, latch on to them with a death grip because they provide fantastic answers for their confusion. You can’t go far wrong financially, exciting the imagination of people. All manner of fantastic things are around but people are looking in the wrong places. We are in the time of false prophets in search of profit.
The same thing applies to all of these alternative sexual agendas. A lot of people are heavily invested in having their sexual attractions legitimized. They want it to be OK2BME. They want it to be natural and they want to believe that if they can get certain ideas written into the curriculum and established as laws that that makes it official. They do not want to know that their particular practices are being used by Zio-NAZI operatives, whose intention for them and society are a great deal different than their own personal concerns. They are willing to buy into anything that will make it impossible for society to have any opinion of them other than the ones they have of themselves. That’s not ever going to happen. It will only go so far. This is how batshit crazy it gets.
I am as alienated and outside of the mainstream as any of these people but I accept that and the whole alternative sexual thing was fine back in the day when they were fine with this too. Things have gone well past the point where these lifestyles choices were an endangered species. However, indoctrination of prepubescent minds during a time of guaranteed confusion, which has always been the case, is beyond the pale. Once society gets into the game of legislating morality it is doomed and this present state of Western Culture is doomed. The society is in free fall. The religions are breaking up. The corporate/military structure is a runaway bus with no brakes and the public is borderline insane and passing over the border. I don’t personally care what people get up to sexually, as long as it is by mutual consent and the players are in a position to know what that means. I’ve said this so many times but the agenda freaks see it as an attack on their freedoms. I could care less about their right to do what they do. They have that right. It’s not any of my business. What is my business and the business of all of us is… what is going on behind the scenes. Communism, brought into being by these same people, autocratically ruling the alternative sexual movement, emerged filled with promises of equality and parity and turned into a vehicle of mass murder and oppression at the hands of these people. They brought about the biggest holocaust of all time. This is irrefutable. The problem is that most people are stupid and most people are brainwashed and you can’t reach them. The cosmos will reach them by any means necessary.
Some number of people have reached out to me as a result of The Red Ice Radio broadcast. Several people wanted to know why I don’t care for Eckhart Tolle. One person asked me why I think he’s an asshole; did I say that? That would surprise me. I’m a writer, among other things …and a seeker too. I have opinions and I don’t make them with haste. I suppose I could live with him being on Oprah, though that is a red flag and several people told me that they were impressed by his talking about living in the moment. That has been brought forth across time by many, many people. This is not an original idea by any stretch. It’s the Coke commercial of the New Age manifesto. My reasons for not being enamored of Tolle is that he says nothing new whatsoever and many, many people have said it better with far more authority. He charges big money to be heard. He speaks in a hypnotic monotone and puts me too sleep when I listen to him. This is also a red flag. There are a couple of other things but it wouldn’t be fair of me to bring them up because they are subjective in some cases and intuitively reached in others. I don’t care if people get something from him and I don’t care if he’s the cat’s meow for them. Good for them and more power to them. He leaves me cold and troubles me too. That’s just my take. It means nothing. I hope I’m wrong.
I don’t like Rap Music. It makes me want to smash the player. I turn off the sound in a movie when it shows up. It is anti-life and designed to fuck with people’s heads and suck them down into a brutal state of consciousness. It never fails that someone will insist on sending me links to someone who is actually using it for enlightening people. I don’t quarrel with that. I know there are people doing this and more power to them. I am referring to the far more pervasive end of it, filled with the demeaning and assaulting of the feminine principle, this ‘bitches and ho’s’ thing, this celebration of bling and violence, this one-way obscene worship of the armed force of illiterate morons. I don’t mind if others like it. That’s their lookout. I just don’t want to hear it. I’ve heard enough of it and it’s 99% forgettable. It is a disposable medium that celebrates all the worst instincts in people. The music of the 60’s and 70’s changed people in a big way and it is still played today. This other music serves ‘the man’ and the corporations. That’s just how I see it. I don’t insist on people accepting my position on the alternative sexual movement, Eckhart Tolle, Rap or anything else. I call them as I see them from my peculiar POV.
You get from me the truth as I perceive it and the assurance that I don’t know and that I serve a particular force. People can argue about any aspect of that. What is, is and we shall certainly see the truth of that. I am comfortable with that. We shall see. At no time and in no way do I seek for or insist that people see as I see or agree with me. The whole point is to create curiosity and promote thought and inquiry, especially self inquiry. I’m coming into the Twilight Phase of what I do here, in the way I’ve been doing it. This does not mean I am going to turn into one of the undead, or start dating Kirsten Stewart (grin). It means that things change, things evolve, things move progressively toward the object of their pursuit. It is to be supposed that they arrive there at some point.
I could talk about what that means for me, according to what I’ve been told but that’s not a good idea at the moment. Wait and see is the best course, because then it will just manifest accordingly. We all have ‘a destiny that shapes our ends’, the critical point is; do we cooperate with it?
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