The Satanic Brotherhood of the Golden Calf

Smoking Mirrors – July 3, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
(governmental or Zio-Ogre forces have set some kind of filters into my Gmail account so that I cannot contact the websites that promote my work. I can reach them so long as there is no link in the body of the email. I’ve got a workaround, several actually, but I just pass this on as information concerning the ongoing war being waged by organized Satanists against the public consciousness and well being)
When I mention the plague of trivia and the religious worship of the superficial. I’m dead serious. It’s weapon number one, in the dumbing down war, that seeks to put the human race down on all fours and also set it up for destruction and elimination by organized Satanism. Organized Satanism is an umbrella operation, with various combines under it’s sheltering batwing. This includes bankers, Zionists, representatives of government, highly placed individuals in the corporate world and agencies devoted to controlling the culture through sexual preference, education, entertainment and other mediums. Those objective enough not to be under shackles, due to their vested interest in creating ‘more than equal’ status for themselves, will know what I am talking about. There is a war on. It is a war of information and perception and it is directly connected to actual wars and the oppression, torment and murder of anyone who gets in the way of these Satanic Nazis. The governments of the West are under their heel and, no doubt, most of the governments of the East as well. The bulk of various, organized religions are under their control. Entertainment, music and publishing are under their control, as is the Crass Media.
Most people in positions of influence, are paid whores for this infernal cabal. They get privilege, a paycheck and the impression of safety from the conditions suffered by those not behind the velvet ropes. They sell out their fellows for a seat at the trough. They have no integrity, no honor, no fidelity and they will do what they are told, regardless of what may result from that. They rationalize what they do in all kinds of ways. They know what side their bread is buttered on. They are the sad and condemned failures of the human experiment.
It doesn’t matter how intricately I may state my position about alternative sexual practices. It doesn’t matter how clearly I delineate the details and personnel, which are engaged in a specific agenda that uses this cultural phenomena for it’s own ends. It doesn’t matter how many times I point out that member of The Brotherhood of the Golden Calf sit on the boards of directors (often exclusively) of these organizations. This irrefutable information is rejected out of hand because it ‘seems’ to call into question private sexual practices, on the part of consenting individuals that I have no interest in. The truth is that this subject which blares from the Crass Media headlines every day, serves their self interest in being, ‘more than equal’. The majority of the public agrees with my position and always has. The same people promoting communism, promote this, as well as wars for profit, trivia as The New Gospel and a host of other deceptions and maladies that are the feed and fodder of those turned into Circe’s pigs.
Organized Satanism is engaged in the ritual, sexual abuse and murder of children and this practice runs all the way to the top in government and law enforcement. Occasionally something like the Franklin scandal, or the Dutroux murders; scandals in Portugal, Spain, the UK, will surface and then disappear beneath the waves as the powerful, so engaged, set about damage control. This kind of thing has various uses. It rapes, abuses and murders innocence and it also traps the practitioners in an inescapable web of culpability and guilt. Of course, there is more to the Sandusky affair. Of course, Rothschild owned and operated Israel is deep into this sort of thing, just as they are with the organ harvesting industry, the drug business, human trafficking, the world wide economic downturn, most of the wars taking place, or in the planning and an endless laundry list of offenses against the comatose public. It’s what they do and why creating a sovereign nation, devoted to international criminal activity, came about in the first place.
It is understandable that most people don’t see that all of this is being orchestrated for the purpose of demonstration. Most people lack the insight, historical precedence and comprehensive grasp of universal principles to get it.
I had someone email me today a Twitter like summation about psychedelics that would make the Cilff Notes version of War and Peace seem unabridged. He’s never read The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. He’s probably never heard of Terrence McKenna, or come across anything like this. I make a vague reference to a time period, concerning the cosmos providing a certain item, to counteract the oppressive darkness of the time and which took place in the 60’s and 70’s and wham! It’s just like with the sexual agenda and all the rest. Some just can’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t promote or recommend any of these things. I have a personal dispensation to so engage, as do some others. There are no across the board rules that apply to everyone.
I’ve lost a number of readers and facsimile friends over this year. Those would be individuals who expected something shrink wrapped and in keeping with the ingredient list on the package. They want what they want and they want it definable and most of all controllable. My totalitarian father was not successful at that. The US military was not successful at that. The US prison system and the maximum security ward psychiatrists were not successful at that. The filters and barricades of the music and publishing industries have not been successful. Why particular individuals think that they would be successful is beyond me.
People come here of their own free will. They engage me of their own free will. They whisper all kinds of sweet ‘nothings’ in my ear and tell me about the deep love and respect they hold for me and how I’ve changed and influenced their life (not me, anyway, but that’s irrelevant to the point) and as soon as I don’t meet their criteria and standards for what they expect from this free service, their love, loyalty and respect goes right out the window. This is why I never take any of the praise or gratuitous criticisms seriously. I know human nature. I know how quickly people can turn on you. Fortunately, for my own reasons, I am not like that and that is what makes me, me and them, them. I don’t miss any of this, I just let it go by because I know where it’s all headed and where it ends up. I’m not public property and I don’t walk around a corral with small children on my back. I don’t balance beach balls on my nose or honk and clap my flippers and I damn well don’t do things for money or position, could be I might look good in hotpants and thigh high boots, or might have once, but I prefer blue jeans and sneakers.
I’ve got this government agent who likes to come around and rattle my cage. There are others and I know who they are and what they are up to but it’s of no importance to me. I understand what makes a junkyard dog mean and I sympathize. I know whoever is messing with my outgoing mail is on the inside at Gmail and Google and we know who owns that. It’s a simple matter to bypass all of that. It’s a simple matter to walk right out of this world, as we know it, when the time comes and I will.
Human Rights Watch is a Satanic psy-ops concern. You’ll note the absence of an author’s name since we know what the names would affiliate with. The UN is controlled by Israel and the Satanists, whose seat of power is in Tel Aviv, as well as London and other select urban graveyards. The bankers are behind all of it and that is because the control of the flow of money, grants the control of everything else temporal. The bankers serve a monstrous demonic entity, whom they placate with fealty and blood sacrifices. They’ve been involved in this love affair with infernal succubi and incubi for centuries. This is inarguable for those of us who have seen the interior. Those of us in this position also know the limits of their power and what’s coming up for them.
Control of the flow of the money led to control of the media, the entertainment industry, the music industry and publishing, along with a host of other things. It has granted control of the governments and law enforcement. What a pack of cowards the human race is composed of. Well, you will get what you deserve soon enough and you’ve got time to change too, still.
Things are not what they seem but ‘seeming is believing’ for the hypnotized slaves of appetite. The right side bar of the Paterno link exemplifies the recycling icons of the First Church of Celebrity worship. None of this is by accident. Controlling public focus and perception sets the stage for their compliance in lockstep with with the darkness they are marching into, as if that was what they had in mind all along.
Day by day, the plot unfolds. Day by day, the players suit up for their roles. Day by day they march into the teeth of the spinning harvester combine, no doubt they are singing along as they go.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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