The Popular Press

As anyone who has lived in Africa for any length of time will tell you: things are somewhat there. This is the result of the working an esoteric law that is beyond the grasp of most in our mainstream media: as a result the popular press tends to propagate ignorance, particularly over issues like race.

Just as different astral forces predominate at different times of the year, so different astral forces prevail on different parts of the earth’s surface. In effect the principle of astral influence works through space as well as time. This accounts for different “national temperaments? and for the distinct dissimilarity between West Indians and Africans. In fact this writer knows a West Indian who went to South Africa shortly after the ANC assumed power. She arrived with high expectations of finding her “roots?and being reunited with her black “brothers and sisters.?A year later she left, disenchanted. Contrary to her high expectations she arrived to find little in the way of common ground. Instead her experiences only highlighted the differences between herself and native South Africans. This dissimilarity lay not only in cultural background but also in the fact she had been born in a different region of the world, and had thus fallen under different astral influences at birth.

The same principle not only applies to people born in different parts of the world but also to different regions of the same continent. This writer recalls watching a group from North Africa walk down a street in downtown Johannesburg. The fact that they were not local was obvious and not just because of their distinctive style of dress. More than anything it was evident from the looks of utter contempt with which they regarded local black South Africans: the same look of haughty disdain that English aristocrats probably once beheld their lowly Irish labourers.

The mainstream media has ignored this subtle distinction, which lies at the heart of much ethnic discord. When it does look at racial and ethnic conflict attention is usually focused on black/white friction in western society: with the blame almost invariably being attributed to white ignorance and “prejudice.?While reports on inter-tribal conflicts in Africa or elsewhere are usually relayed without any attempt to understand the real forces at work. Instead the media simply reports events at face value and in the process helps breed ignorance while going through the motions of informing.

Likewise the mainstream media ignores the subtle, sometimes esoteric, principles at work behind many modern day events. Indeed the very suggestion that hidden forces are at work in current affairs is likely to be dismissed with derision by our media as “conspiracy theories?

Divide and Rule

Another notion that has been pushed to the fringe of public awareness is the idea of reincarnation. Once however, it was an integral part of the early Christian faith, until the first Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Convened by Emperor Constantine of Rome the council was to shape much of what we know today as Christianity: and in the process anything that was not conducive to the Church of Rome’s more secular ambitions was excluded. Among the ideas thrown overboard were fasting, vegetarianism, communion with angels and reincarnation.

Nonetheless for a few individuals who can recall previous lives, like this writer, reincarnation is an undeniable fact. The soul incarnates at different times in various conditions to obtain a more rounded education. It may incarnate as a Caucasian or Negroid, as a man or woman, rich or poor, each incarnation providing the opportunity to experience a different side of life in order to develop another facet of the individual soul.

So why do most people go through life without any memory of previous lives?

To answer that just think of the lessons you were taught in school. For each subject there were different classes and different books. You didn’t need a dictionary for maths or logarithm tables for English; each was for a different lesson.

Likewise each lifetime is another lesson, new principles have to be learned. And what is learned in one lesson is often irrelevant to others: hence the general amnesia regarding previous incarnations.

But that is changing. More and more people are waking up to the fact that life doesn’t exist within the confines of the material world. And as they do so they threaten the very powers that rule this world. For, like they say, knowledge is power and for a few their power is built on the ignorance of the many. So as more people wake up to reality, the less easily they can be exploited and deceived by a ruling elite whose power is basically built on human shortcomings and ignorance.

And in such a world people can no longer be divided with hollow accusations of “racism.?