Circumcision Should be Stopped

by David Richards – ( July 2, 2012

(David Richards is a 24-yr-old Brit who teaches English in Mongolia.) 
The World Health Organization estimates that 30% of men across the world have been snipped. Circumcision is part of the religious tradition of Muslims and Jews.
In the West, most commonly in America, many Christians and secularists circumcise for health reasons. However, the American Association of Pediatrics says there is no evidence that circumcision improves penile hygiene. (Urine is sterile and the foreskin can be easily retracted and cleaned.)

Cir Traumatizes Baby Boys

A University of Michigan Study found that circumcision causes excruciating pain that lasts days (the operation is performed without anesthetic!). Some boys cry so much that they cannot breathe and turn blue due to lack of oxygen. One baby cried so much he ruptured his stomach.
After the operation, the boys nurse poorly and do not bond normally with their mothers. Some psychologists speculate that the trauma of circumcision may stay with a man into adulthood, existing as ‘a feeling of anger he cannot place.’

Sexual Problems

Circumcision causes a true loss of sensation. Canadian pathologist Dr John Taylor and his team found that the foreskin contains specialized nerve endings comparable to those in fingertips and lips.
‘Whereas the foreskin is loaded with nerves, the head of the denuded penis is a blunt instrument, insensitive to light, touch, heat, cold, and, as far as the authors are aware, to pinprick”
Medical researcher Tina Kimmel found that the penile sensitivity of intact males is 25 percent to 30 percent greater than that of circumcised males.
The foreskin also acts as a mechanical lubricant during sex. The penis is not designed to slide in and out of a woman, but in and out of its own skin during sex. Without a foreskin, a man has to build friction to feel pleasure.
Many circumcised men have voiced their struggle to achieve sexual satisfaction.
Here are some comments I found online. A man who got circumcised ‘out of curiosity’:
“Getting circumcised was the most foolish thing I’ve done in my life…  I was quite sexually active before marriage, and had a pretty normal sex life after marriage for two years before my reduction. Now I am essentially only interested in oral sex, as vaginal sex does not provide the detailed sensations that it did when I had a foreskin.  The analogy of “seeing without color” is perfectly apt to describe sex without a foreskin.  Rather than being a touch-sensitive organ, it becomes merely a pressure-sensitive tool. Big difference!”
A promiscuous gay man:
“I have a lot of insight about this subject… Over the years I have noticed that uncircumcised men plainly have more intense pleasure (I see it as uncontrollable and very intense), erections and last much longer and with much less stimulation. Circumcised men always need to be stimulated or they lose the feeling of pleasure.”
I have often wondered why all male porn stars are circumcised. Are they snipped purposely to reduce sensitivity? Does it help them have sex for hours without ejaculating?

The Effect on Women

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