Brain Dead Acquiescence, Mephistopheles and Faust

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 1, 2012

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Watching the culture, it depends on the level you are observing it from what you extract from your observations. It should be patently obvious to anyone, not trapped in and operating from that level, that superficiality is the primary objective. This is the origin of things like Twitter and un-reality TV. It is the origin of gratuitous sexual associatives, with products of every description. Sexual attraction is the essential magnetism of the times- often of any times, except where an individual has sublimated it to the point where it has been transformed into another kind of attraction, for something presumed but not evident because it only comes into presence, once the self has entered the bridal chamber of the alchemical marriage.
We might consider the princess in the tower, which is guarded by the black knight. The black knight, so named for his armor, is ignorance. The tower is the spinal column and the princess is the kundalini. Of course these things are not precise, they are fleshed out by the individual in the process of the journey. This is why the signposts and guidelines cease to appear at a certain point. That part of the pathway is not marked, it is written by the personalized footsteps of the one walking it. It is why the veils of the High Priestess close behind the aspirant. Well, enough about the authentic occult. There’s plenty of bogus occult, via the reversed Kabala of the Chabad Lubavitcher and the goblins and gremlins that do the scut work of sound and image mutation, for the purpose of ensnarement. This makes sure the spider gets fed, while the awareness is sucked out of the victim on the trembling web.
There’s a certain feature that doesn’t get discussed much and it has to do with the daily arrival of more and more repressive laws and street level aggressions on the part of the zombie police. 9/11, of course was set up and carried out by rogue intelligence agencies, under the direction of the state of Israel. Following this serendipitous event, which removed the unfortunate limitations of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and made it possible to do away with posse comitatus, along with habeas corpus and led to the legitimization of labeling anyone disaffected as an enemy combatant, modern life was ushered into a chiaroscuro wasteland of shuffling masses, shackled by invisible leg irons. Material culture made it possible for people to surrender their independence. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. We have entered the age of the chronic master-bater; not all sense of mastery has been lost.
In any case, since before PNAC, a collection of psychopathic minds, knew where they intended to go. They knew that it was morally wrong, against the law (though they are changing that) and that it intended for either the elimination, or sustained subjugation and repression, of everyone not them. They knew in advance where they were headed and so they came at the public in a multi-pronged manner. They intensified the negative, dumbed down impact, of the entertainment and music industries. They set about to destroy the middle class, because successful revolution can only come about once the middle class has been engaged. They attacked the economic standards and infrastructure, while eliminating the manufacturing base. They attacked the job market, in order to supercharge the impetus to join the military and law enforcement. They privatized the prison industry, which then led to changes in the law that would guarantee maximum occupancy. They created a foreign enemy, while the real enemy was given carte blanche in the corridors of political and economic power. Today, Israelis are being given the opportunity to bypass TSA scrutiny. There should be no question at this point who the bad guys are. There might be an incomplete and non comprehensive listing of all of the players, but the general outline is beyond dispute, except by those summarily seduced by the trivia machine and the house divided construct, which pits opposing ideals against one another, while giving the impression that there is the slightest difference between the candidates they support.
Prior to 9/11, it was decided to end the appearance of a democratic process and take control of the electoral process. All of these efforts have been engineered and synchronized, in order to pacify and make docile the wider public. This is assisted by the pharmaceutical industry, as well as all sorts of quasi invisible technologies that work on the nervous system and brain centers, of those rendered into sheep, by various offenses being committed against them.
One has to look at the culture and observe its operation and take for granted that everything you see is being ‘worked’ by those who want to fuck you up, enslave and kill you. The police state apparatus was set into motion ahead of time, because public outrage was anticipated, as the scum of Wall Street and The City, the central bankers and those employed by them, in the various areas of their enterprise, set about looting every country of its assets and presumptions of personal liberty and independence.
On the surface it all looks good to go and it is going. The surface is the place where public perception is modified and controlled, while subliminal activities are going on behind and below the scenes. You definitely need the right sunglasses and some of us have them. These sunglasses allow some of us to see Alex Jones for who he is, along with Chomsky, Greg Palast and a variety of disinfo stooges …who work for the banks. It doesn’t occur to people to wonder why such a quantity of porn is free. It doesn’t occur to people to wonder why the biggest voting bloc in the United States is nothing more than a transparent propaganda organ, for the ones who hijacked it and who are the original villains of the refashioned and progressively perverted tale of the religion’s founder.
A lot of things do not occur to people, because their mechanism for independent thought, has been compromised by various technologies. There is a very good reason why people are wearing headphones and earbuds all of the time; watching television 8 hours a day, thumbing their cellphones, while bouncing the one knee on top of their other leg, managing the thousands of apps that attend the instrument. This is all about occupying the thinking process so that it does not detach and find itself forced to contemplate the nature and relevance of its own being. This is the essential disconnect of the greatest importance to the executive junta.
This could all be very depressing and overwhelming, to those who have no fallback support system and who do not realize that all of this is for the purpose of demonstration. As has been stated here many times, there is a single source of power, regardless of who may temporarily possess the use of it. As has been exampled many times, one needs to consider what happened at the Battle of the Morannon, during the moments following the Ring of Power being unmade in the fires of Mt. Doom. Those being affected by despair and depression, are those being manipulated by surface sounds and images. Something else is going on behind the scenes, in other ways than just the machinations of the bad guys. The bad guys themselves are bring distracted, while employed in their nefarious activities against the human race. It could be said that nearly all of us are being distracted to some degree, while,at the same time, Mr Apocalypse is out turning over rocks and beating the bushes. We’ve been on a consistent time-line up to this point …a steady incremental progression that could well be accompanied by the insistent pounding on a single bass drum; ‘doom! Doom! Doom! The speed has not gone into hyper-drive because opportunity is being given for people to come to their senses. Opportunity is being given for people to change their course. Awakening is in operation, to provide awareness for those who advantage themselves of it. This is all an individual affair, even as it includes collective destiny.
Efforts are daily and consistently being made by any number of people around the globe. Brain dead acquiescence marches in opposition to its own liberation. Pernicious, once human, predators are working overtime because, ‘their hour has come round at last’. They may know this and many of them may not, at least at the conscious level …but all of them know about it at some level and it follows in their footsteps like The Hound of Heaven. It breathes on the nape of their necks, as one might imagine Mephistopheles did with Faust. Before one sets about killing their fellows, they must first kill their conscience. In times of darkness, some number are even born without one. Opportunities for transition and a quantum leap, are not the only possibilities present in these unusual times. Opportunities for reverse transition and a quantum fall are also available.
I feel for those whose focus of importance and personal treasures, have obscured and diminished their access to the protective and sustaining virtues within. However, as has often also been quoted here, “success is speedy for the energetic”. Most people don’t reverse their courses, even as the signposts become more and more ominous, even as the landscape gets darker and the soundtrack more sinister. It can be done and if you are, more or less, going the right way, the direction can be firmed up and the speed and intensity can be ratcheted up. Since that is already taking place in the cosmic sense, it is only dependent on one’s posture of alignment and a willingness to seek it out. It’s not like it isn’t aware of you. The problem is that so many people continue to be unaware of it. That’s not an absolute requirement. Inventive hearts and minds can quickly find other avenues of approach. All kinds of help and assistance are at work …but they are hard to see, if your attention is all on the negative end, which is the motive and intention of the negative.
Day by day, so it goes and so do we, toward whatever that may be.
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