From the Ridge, one more Valley and one more Mountain

Visible Origami – June 29, 2012

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Climbing and climbing, mind on the pathway, uneven going to the top of the ridge. I see the rock shelves and boulders and I know I am close now. Soon enough now, I break through to the top of the ridge and there’s the valley below me and still one more mountain. I thought this was the last one but that’s how it is (grin). Here we be musing in a John Muir sort of a way, if he’d had a black preacher spliced into his frame; shit happens and it don’t happen, sometimes they’re the same.
I catch myself sometimes with one version or another of, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, but… for some inexplicable but definite reason, I know that doesn’t apply to me. India looms in my mind. The scary (well, not scary, more like startling or awe inspiring) thing, is the amount of fore-informed conditions and events that occur, not exactly as presented but close enough for rock and roll. The frequency and consistency of these things has been noticeably increasing of late to where abnormal is now the new normal. Out there in ‘the real world’, another kind of abnormal is becoming normal. Not that long ago, ‘the real world’ was just another ‘reality’ TV show, along with the aptly named, ‘Big Brother’. These days we’ve got reconstituted offal, going by the name of Oprah, being entranced by Kim Kardashian enough to now be scheduled to appear on her show. You don’t need to make this stuff up. It is self-regenerative. I expect to see Oprah jumping up on Kim’s serially abused couch, screaming, “I’m in love”! Poor couch. The long and painful death of the couch kitten has given a corpse birth to the couch lizard and couch wolverine.
The terrible irony of the bloodthirsty Howdy Doody, with Nobel Peace Prize, in the long tradition of Henry Kissinger, marches on into the long night of the living dead, attended by the zombie banks, whose routine payoffs, come to nearly exactly the same as the cost of the food stamps program; not in the overall sense, as that amount is seriously larger. The eyes in the forest gleam, like demented Cheshire cats. Their teeth are illuminated by the blood red moon of The Apocalypse. They’ve been snorting the bath salts that crystallize on the parasite growths at the bases of trees. First they eat the identities and then the eat the faces. It’s not all bad news; you’ll notice my comment at the bottom of the page.
I think about running with the wolves in Romania but my finances are on hold. As soon as the world takes that great big nose dive, they are going to go up in a big way. There’s some kind of a connection there, as I think that applies to some number of us. I note the general, across the board, poverty, of the general reader here and I note the cosmic associative process that relates to scriptural truths, in respect of that. I’ve got this news ticker in my head now that reads out like a teletype all day. All sorts of new phenomena are coming into existence; faith affirming to be sure but awe-making, nonetheless.
You look at the relentless putsch of the bankers, as global indications, show the great collective eyeball turning upon their industries. There is a vast upwelling of outrage, moving across the landscape. It’s muted out in the media. You see an attendant outrage, focused on the criminal nation of Israel, also muted out in the Zionist owned media, but more and more emergent in the comments, following the lying articles. You see direct references being made to flat out lies by Rothschild mouthpieces, like Alex Jones. You see the awakening taking place and increasing, as natural and orchestrated disasters manifest, like invisible flash mobs congregating in empty strip malls, as if they were some sort of modern day temples of the damned, chanting incomprehensible phrases, in ancient and long forgotten tongues, like very pre-Christian glossolalia; renegade Druids with invisible axes and whetstone sharpened plowshares slash the air, crying out for retribution, for things no one can put pedigree to. Buggered history stashed all of that into the unpublished back pages …but in times like these everything reemerges and cries out in the collective unconscious.
Things like this surface and I only have to read it a couple of times to realize that it’s a put-up job, because there was no need for those hosting the meeting to even mention the source of their interest. It’s way too damned convenient. This is not to say it doesn’t serve that very purpose and deeper things indeed. Of course it does. The key is to tell some part of the truth and then to lie about the rest. I hear the most incredible things here now; they didn’t drop any atomic bombs on Japan; no offense intended to those who have mentioned these things. This didn’t happen. That didn’t happen. There’s no radiation coming out of Fukushima. Good grief! Well, I can’t say, can I? What do I know but… well, like I said, good grief! The Gulf of Mexico didn’t get poisoned. They just don’t want us eating the fish. I will admit that perception is managed for those who can’t do it themselves and I will admit that none of this matters, depending on who you are, based on what you’ve done, believe in and disseminate. It comes down to what you do every day. It comes down to what you have put your time into the acquisition of. It comes down to what is stacked up in your storehouse. What are you relying for your survival upon? What do you call survival? What do you believe survives and where does it’s continuance occur? Is it a wheel? Is it a helix? Is it a one time entrance and departure? It is hardly the latter …but those manipulating the timeless for the profit of the temporary, know what they are doing, in terms of modifying and constraining the parameters of human belief.
Fools ponder and acquire knowledge with the idea that some operating principle or medium of sustenance will be located there. Fools are self reliant, missing the point of self reliance. I’m all for self reliance, depending on what the self is relying on. For myself I have direct and continuing evidence of what is; certainly not with any degree of totality, for that is impossible, but certainly to the degree that there is no question that something benevolent directs our courses and ways, should we see it in it’s benevolent aspect. It has any number of aspects, including knowledge, simply for demonstrating the limitations thereof. Any and every path, exists solely for the expression of it’s result and the consideration of the territory through which it passes.
We are all on a particularly colored ray of travel. It manifested at the exit point of the prism and it returns the same way. What is right for one coloration, is not applicable to the others. Certain professions and philosophies, certain schematics of worship and inquiry, are relevant to particular colors. It is all a very scientific system with ‘as above, so below hierarchies, ♫devil or angel♫, ♫Venus, goddess of love that you are, surely the things I ask, can’t be that great a task♫, ♫Far away places with strange sounding names. Far away over the sea. Those far away places with the strange sounding names are calling, Calling me. Goin’ to China or maybe Siam, I wanna see for myself♫, ♫but you need timing, a tick a tick a tick a timing, timing in the sea♫ Now what was that all about? Call it a digression. Digressions can be nice if you come back to the same place, given that you are headed in the right direction. It’s not like any particular path always leads to the same place. It doesn’t work like that. The journeys result is the result of ‘intention’, so is the texture and quality of the Karma which follows.
People should spend less time being concerned about why one thing makes sense ‘to them’ and similar things don’t. Consider the ray; location, location, location. Trying to intellectually grasp the essential internal meaning of something, is like trying to use a left-handed skyhook. This is not the job of the surface mind. The surface mind is there to consider something and then to drop it through the hole into the subconscious. Then the subconscious formats it and activates the flashplayer (my internet flashplayer keeps crashing-grin) which will screen the meaning appropriate to the mind that requested it. This is one of the primary tenets of practical magic and an expression of a particular law of Nature, which all useful and effective tenets are. This is why you go to her, if you want to learn these kinds of things and there are locations where she is more disposed to reveal them. This too is dependent on intention. All of this, related to intention, has to do with, “seek ye first the kingdom of God”. This is all a no-brainer. Too bad so many people seem convinced they have to involve the brain in the process. The brain is pretty much useless, until swallowed by the heart. Well, useless in this area, devilishly effective in the manifest sense and has something to do with the proscription against worshiping idols. There’s a technical aspect to this, equally as important as the ‘jealous God’ portion, of another suggested proscription. Herein you can get your prescription from a doctor employed by the original firm. Just remember to ‘first do no harm’, especially since, in this case, you are the patient.
Well, we’ve covered some ground. We’ll leave you with a little reminder, given that we are talking about covering ground and a poem that many of you may never have read; something to ponder the meaning of;
The Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me
‘the withness of the body’ –Whitehead
The heavy bear who goes with me,
A manifold honey to smear his face,
Clumsy and lumbering here and there,
The central ton of every place,
The hungry beating brutish one
In love with candy, anger, and sleep,
Crazy factotum, dishevelling all,
Climbs the building, kicks the football,
Boxes his brother in the hate-ridden city.
Breathing at my side, that heavy animal,
That heavy bear who sleeps with me,
Howls in his sleep for a world of sugar,
A sweetness intimate as the water’s clasp,
Howls in his sleep because the tight-rope
Trembles and shows the darkness beneath.
–The strutting show-off is terrified,
Dressed in his dress-suit, bulging his pants,
Trembles to think that his quivering meat
Must finally wince to nothing at all.
That inescapable animal walks with me,
Has followed me since the black womb held,
Moves where I move, distorting my gesture,
A caricature, a swollen shadow,
A stupid clown of the spirit’s motive,
Perplexes and affronts with his own darkness,
The secret life of belly and bone,
Opaque, too near, my private, yet unknown,
Stretches to embrace the very dear
With whom I would walk without him near,
Touches her grossly, although a word
Would bare my heart and make me clear,
Stumbles, flounders, and strives to be fed
Dragging me with him in his mouthing care,
Amid the hundred million of his kind,
the scrimmage of appetite everywhere.
Delmore Schwartz
Ya’ll be well until we meet again.
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