Gestapo Chief’s Warning to America

“Look for [Stalin’s] trained rats to burrow deeper into your government and society and try to rip it apart from within,” Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller told his CIA interrogator James Kronthal in 1948.

This interrogation did not take place in a cold dank jail cell. It occurred at Mueller’s lavish chalet overlooking Lake Geneva and was punctuated by games of chess and gourmet meals prepared by Mueller’s private chef. Kronthal recruited Mueller for $1 million plus $50,000 a year.

Many Revisionist historians think Mueller’s Journal, which I discussed last week, and CIA Interrogation are hoaxes. I invite you to read these revealing excerpts from the Interrogation and make up your own mind.

Change “Soviet” to both “Neo Con” (George W. Bush) and “Liberal” (Hillary Clinton), and heed Mueller’s words about Communist Subversion. Soviet Communism was part of the Illuminati-central banker arsenal. Bush and Clinton are two parts of the Illuminati party grinding us together.

“The professional Soviet agitator, and your country is full of them disguised as labor leaders, intellectual activists, writers and film producers, will find any opportunity of getting a toe in the crack. They will play one group off against another, degrade public opinion of the government, attack the system by many different means. Their most important goal is to discredit your system and then put their own filth up as a perfect antidote to that which they hate. And if these broken down creatures have their way, they would institute a reign of terror in your country that would make the one they had in Russia look like a church choir outing in the country.” (emphasis mine)


“The history of bolshevism in Russia…and Hungary as well…is a history of sadism, brutality and degeneracy run wild. You must know about Bela Kun in Hungary, and I know personally about the butchery in Munich when the Russians tried to set up one of their criminal “Council Governments” there. You would have to experience the insanity and criminal brutality to really understand why I loathe these scum and have made it my life work to root them out and destroy them. Working for you is not business with me. I look at it more as virgin territory to cleanse of filth and degeneracy. When you had an extra atom bomb, you should have dropped it on Moscow instead of the Japanese. One was enough with them, but the other would have incinerated the sewer rats of the Kremlin in a second. You will regret not having done that.”

Stauffenberg Coordinated July 20, 1944 Bomb Plot With the Russians:

“Stalin was afraid…you know the attempt came after the Western invasion of France and the breakout and Stalin was afraid that the West…the Americans and the British…would get into the industrial Ruhr before the Russians could. That was the big prize for Stalin. He must get the Ruhr and its industrial potential first. That’s why they struck a bargain. Get rid of Hitler and replace him with someone with whom Stalin could deal and get physical control of the industrial areas of Silesia and the Ruhr quickly. They made many promises to get their way.

Stauffenberg, Beck and the others could keep the power as a caretaker government until a new democratically elected socialist government could be set up. Russian-style socialism to be sure. A shot in the back of the neck or off to the work camps in Siberia.

There was even talk about replacing Hitler with Himmler! That would have never been acceptable to the military or anyone else, for certain. But Himmler had been approached several times about replacing Hitler and he at least was interested in the idea. Himmler believed in his own importance and in the importance of the SS and wanted to stay in power. He once told me that he felt he alone had the position to deal with the West and with Russia. A very foolish man.”

Winston Churchill Broadcast the Names of the Anti- Hitler Conspirators:

“That was a nasty business. Quite correct. Broadcasts coming directly from the British side via <>Soldatensender Calais and another station named many actual conspirators, quite in public. Naturally, of course, I found this information incredible and at first did not believe it but of course checked it carefully and all of it turned out to be true. God knows how many people I managed to arrest from that source and I should say that my people in Bern received direct from a known British intelligence officer, lists of names, positions and addresses of plotters who had been in touch with their government since prior to the war. I must say that nearly all of this material was accurate and when I questioned the prisoners, they admitted their British contacts. Trott was one of these.”

Admiral Canaris’ Diaries Were His “Death Warrant”:

“These religious gentlemen were the worst of all. Although I am a churchgoer, I agree with Bormann when it comes to the bleating sheep of the Lord. These moral pests all assumed that God wanted them to kill Hitler and that anything they did was acceptable because they had their collars on backwards. And they were the very first to inform on their friends, their friends’ friends and anyone else they could think of. I personally preferred not to interrogate these creatures if I could help it. I had to interrogate Canaris on several occasions and he was a real Greek, that one was. He had answers for everything and none of them the truth. He should have sold carpets somewhere and kept out of the military. His diaries were his death warrant in the end.”

The Duke of Windsor:

” It was intended that the Duke become an object of interest before and during the war. The Duke’s real power ceased the day he abdicated, but Hitler considered him a person that could be used to create a certain impression with the British. The Duke was forced off the throne, not because of his lady friend but because there were powerful people in England who viewed his pro-Hitler attitude with real anger and some fear. Crystal Night had not happened yet, but it became very obvious to Jewish groups both in England and your country, that their co-religionists in Germany were being mistreated and forced out of the country. I would imagine that this created quite a bloc of anti-Hitler persons in the British banking and finance community. Couple this unpleasant anti-Semitism with Hitler’s barter system that bypassed the British banking system with its high-interest international loans, and you can understand the anger and fear directed at the new King.

The Interrogation, which is available from (see E Books) contains many more revelations. For example, Stalin considered shooting down FDR’s plane after the Tehran Conference had the dying FDR indicated that the VP Henry Wallace, a Communist sympathizer, would not be on the ticket in 1944. (The plan was to use captured Nazi planes.) Mueller says Martin Bormann was killed in Berlin in 1945 and implies he had something to do with it.(“I too have a memory.”) The bomb that went off in the beer cellar Nov. 8 1939 moments after Hitler left was coordinated by the British military attaché in Berlin, Col. Mason MacFarlane, without London’s permission. Mueller says the Zeppelin Hindenburg explosion was sabotage but they never caught the instigator.

If this CIA Interrogation is a hoax, it is the work of a genius. Mueller just has too much information at his command and the editor Gregory Douglas corroborates many points with documents. A fascinating well-defined personality emerges from the Journal and Interrogation.

This is the raw material of history, and it makes everything else look canned. On that note, I want to conclude with Mueller’s words on propaganda.

“Every government justifies its actions to history and its people by propaganda. You have your propaganda and we ours. If you do nothing in your life, learn to stand outside and observe everything with your own eyes and not those of others. You see it in a book so it must be true because there it is, right on the page. The Germans had corpse factories in the 1914 war and they nailed babies to the wall. It must be true because the British said so. On the other hand, you slaughtered all your Red Indians and spent a good deal of time hanging black people in trees. Then we have the Jews who everyone knows murder Gentile babies and eat them as part of their religious services. What other kind of nonsense shall we talk about? The workers and peasants paradise? The joys of Communism? Lenin raising the dead and walking on the water to the edification of generations of feeble-minded university professors and bad poets? How about the British slaughtering the Irish? Or the Belgians civilizing the blacks in the Congo with whips and buckshot? Ah, consider the Armenians chastised by the Turks. Now there’s something to consider. The British in South Africa slaughtering white people in the very first ever concentration camps. Now that I am no longer employed as a policeman, I can take some advantage of my free time in looking backwards from where I came and try to find the vision of the eagle flying over the landscape rather than keeping the vision of the worm beneath it.”

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