Israeli Terror Threat to London Olympics

Terror on the Tube – June 27, 2012

The security firm to ‘look after’ the forthcoming London Olympics, G4S, has deep Israeli connections and a dreadful human rights record. There have been quite a string of fabricated-terror events where Israeli security firms have been involved, enough to raise urgent concerns about what is in the pipeline for Londoners. If you have a ticket for the Olympics – get rid of it! Just stay away.
G4S provides services to Israeli prisons, police army. Palestinian political prisoners from the occupied territories are held by G4S in contravention of international law. It provides security equipment and personnel to shops, supermarkets and businesses in the illegal West Bank settlements.
G4S Israel mentions its “homeland security activities” in a Hebrew presentation of November 2011. The services include providing scanners to checkpoints in the checkpoint in Gaza. it is the sole provider of electronic security systems to the Israeli police.
G4S made 120 million pounds in Israel last year. This is the worst thing since Lockheed Martin (complicit in Guantanamo Bay) did the population census last year – as if the UK Government has no problem dealing with firms having appalling human rights records. This is a private security firm, i.e unaccountable to anyone except their shareholders. The London police will have NO POWER over this security firm.

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