Voice of the White House August 24, 2006

“I will take a break from publishing intercepts (more of these later) to take a close, inside, look at the situation here in the White House, as of this date.

The Republicans are becoming more and more restive, unhappy and, in many cases, frightened, by their plummeting poll numbers. They have to look forward to the November elections, after all, and Bush is a lame duck. The point is that everyone in this building and nearly everyone in Congress realizes that the Iraqi war and occupation is a total failure.

Resistance people are mortaring our troops and officials inside the allegedly “safe” Green Zone, (the public will never hear about this disaster…more intercepts!) casualties are rising every day and several days ago, Bush signed the papers allowing the military (the Marines first) to recall almost all recently discharged soldiers back to active duty in Iraq. In the latter case, the only ones exempt will be those who were badly wounded or discharged for criminal or psychological reasons. And, of course, the many dead are safe from future turmoil and pain.

All of these young men will be yanked back into service solely because Bush is hysterically determined never to move an inch on withdrawing from Iraq (and thereby suffering an embarrassing and fatal humiliation.)

If any of you watched his press conference earlier this week, you will realize that we are not led by a sane man.

Bush, and I have personally observed this first hand, is up against the wall and is responding with hysterical, almost feminine, rage. He shouted to the reporters that he was never going to leave Iraq, hardly the words of a politician eager to support his party in forthcoming elections. I, and many others, have heard some of his increasing screaming fits in the White House and his once-loyal staff here are either taking Prozac or looking for other jobs.

Polls show that most Americans view the Iraq mess, with its continuing military casualties, its raging civil war and massive daily civilian killings as not worth it and while the numbers of those who want it immediately stopped are not as high as they might be, the overall view is that Iraq is a mess and something has to be done, and quickly, to solve the problem..

This is identical with the U.S. public’s attitudes during VietNam and eventually Johnson’s refusal to budge (‘Victory is right around the corner!”) forced him to leave office. Bush is now in the same position but given his severe psychological problems and juvenile attitudes, he will never budge an inch over any of this.

If anyone crosses our President or disagrees with him in any way, he is, at the least, subject to screaming diatribes full of foul language and at worst, to being sacked. In summation, Bush is a genuine mental case and if he continues his present course, there will be some kind of a rebellion here inside the Beltway. Either the military, which detests him, calling him a drunk and a deserter (I have heard such statement recently from people whose names most of you would recognize) will simply refuse to obey his increasingly manic orders or Congress (both sides of the aisle) will do the same. The results will equal the national traumas we all suffered over the Watergate business.

Nixon was far more intelligent and a much better politician than Bush but like the latter, Nixon had his psychological problems that would never allow him to admit he had made a mistake…and he fell from high office because of this flaw.

The tragedy is that long ago, Bush could easily have put a good face on all of this, have made placating speeches and performed some token acts of correction (never contrition however) but given his vicious and childish stubbornness coupled with pathological determination never to give in, he will have to be dragged, screaming, out of the Oval Office.

And he will, without a doubt, drag the Republican party down into the abyss with him.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Note: In coming commentary, I will cover, and quote from, an interesting medical report on the President that is a secret and a technical report on the farcical, invented ‘liquid bomb’ our people invented and gave to the Brits to bolster Bush’s ‘international terrorist threat’ bedtime stories.”

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