Paraguay “Coup” Averted Marxist Takeover

Marcos – June 25, 2012

This week we have witnessed the impeachment of the President of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo. (Seen here with the Castro mob brothers.)

Acting lawfully according the Constitution, the Congress voted him out by an impressive majority of 76 votes to just one. The Senate confirmed the act with a 39/4 count.

Among many accusations, like nepotism and corruption, Lugo was ousted mainly for promoting rural Marxist terrorist groups, which were creating havoc in the country. By abiding to the Constitution, the Paraguayan Congress effectively prevented a bloody Marxist takeover of the country.

Lugo is a long term Communist, a former bishop groomed in the Marxist Liberation Theology, who had his ecclesiastical powers taken away by the Vatican. He had at least three children from three different women while he was a priest, and only accepted DNA testing for one (positive result.)

He is a populist who was promoting and organizing the rural communist guerrillas in his country, like the Popular Paraguayan Army (EPP), to promote a Marxist revolution. The event that resulted in his impeachment was when terrorists invaded a farm and killed six policemen in cold blood. 

We have the same kind of terrorist groups here in Brazil. Of more than one hundred groups, which receive hundreds of millions of dollars in government grants, the most famous is called MST (Landless Peasants Movement).

Another group, the League of Poor Peasants, have links with the Peruvian Sendero Luminosos Communist Party, which was responsible for more than 31,000 deaths in Peru during the 1980s, and is a fan of the Khmer Rouge, which killed more than 3,3 million people in Cambodia.

All these groups, along with the leftist political parties of Latin America and narco-terrorists like the Colombian FARCs, are members of the Foro de Sao Paulo, a Marxist association with the objective of promoting a Marxist takeover of the continent.

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