The Morning After Pill – Letter to Joseph Ehrlich from a Christian Nurse

Mr. Ehrlich…What I write is not a medical debate as the NWO media would have the unwary believe. It is the most ingenious plan that the never interrupted Nazi Doctors under the Satan could devise.

The Feds have ok’d the so called “Morning After” Pill. FOR OTC USE IF YOU ARE 18 OR OLDER. Of course no problem for a 13 year old, why her mother could get the two Plan B pills for her. The young would need an Rx, Joke.

I am a nurse. The female reproductive and hormonal systems are so infinitely delicate and I am sure that I need not tell you some of it’s many manifestations. I am trying to be brief.

My statement is that after it is put on the pharmacy shelves, it may take a year or less for young, formerly healthy girls to begin dying horrendous deaths for tampering with their G-d created bodies. They will start going down fast, as there will be no limit to the doses taken. No doctor needed, you see. You cannot allow an egg to be fertilized, which happens in hours, then prevent those cells to adhere to the uterine wall by virtual poisoning the bed it would have grown in.

When the reproductive system thinks it is pregnant, the vast army of shifting bodily miracles begin the plan of new life. It begins in hours after the conception. It is a virtual earthquake to her entire body functions. In hours. The Nazi Doctors are counting on this for their demise sooner or later. No one to be blamed, she got the med herself, complete with “warnings.”

They refuse to give but simplistic explanation of how easy and non endangering the “Plan B” is. (Dr. Gupta, CNN.) The mind and body just cannot take it. We don’t hear about what abortion and its physical effects to the body are, to women, but they are countless. Never related to an Oprah audience. You may get the fake tearful vomit of sorrow for having the abortion, fodder for the odious set of cloddish dolts in her audience. But never how sick the woman got.

The girls of course will buy the lie, women too. It is to our female population what DU is to our young and dying men. In the end, it will kill the fertilized fetus, and a little later kill the mother to have been.

Diabolical. They will take these pills for their whoring ways, then both child and mother pay with their lives. We do not yet know the forms these death by fists in G-d’s Holy Face, will take, but note it will cull the US population by their own hand. The Satan does it again.

Forgive my lenghty tale. It is early yet for me to explain the physical death that will occur, but I know G-d in His judgement will demand payment.

And let me take this opportunity to thank you for what you have and are teaching me. I am a follower of Jesus, Christian implies something now foreign to me. It is not based on the greatest commandment that we love others as we love ourselves, and you have shown me that there is Divine Order and purpose in all our lives. You have that love.