The War on Terror

Some years ago small arms training played an essential part in the development of each young conscripts military skills.

At the time large numbers of houses in London were being demolished to make way for the building of new tower blocks.

Blocks of terraced housing, due for demolition, would be sealed off with high wire mesh fencing. This was then used as a military training ground to teach young conscripts the finer points of counter-insurgency and urban warfare.

Fighting street-by-street and house-to-house, the conscripts were trained to storm each building and clean out any pockets of resistance inside. All of which was intended to be part of the Cold War urban defence techniques to be used if and when the Soviet Union ever invaded.

There were two distinct methods used, for entering an enemy occupied building, ( E.O.B ).

The first and most professional was to take the occupants alive for questioning. But if they needed to be silenced, because of what they knew or because they tried to send a message to others, conscripts were trained to kill in situ.

Yet this was only the final step in series of many more steps in what was otherwise called the “backgrounding”. In this, many weeks may have gone into phone taps, letter and email interception, searches would have been done to see how many were in the house and a record kept of their business, politics and religion, and to asses if the occupants would be armed, and if so what with.

Long distance microphones would have allowed surveillance teams to listen in on conversations in the household in the run-up to the E.O.B.

These would be kept for expert analysis, and in some cases sound beam mikes were pointed at windows to record all conversation among the occupants.

The police raid – by 250 officers – of a house in Forest Gate, bore certain hallmarks which indicate the true nature of the operation.

* The occupants were not expecting a raid and were therefore unprepared.

* To make a “kill” usually involves one or two officers breaking in, the less men obtaining entry the better. This is because on entering a strange house at night it has often happened that – disorientated by the dark, new surroundings – members of the raiding party end up shooting each other rather than their target quarry.

* The optimum technique is to gain a silent entry, then to get to where the occupants are sleeping before they are fully awake and can defend themselves, or destroy evidence.

* The mass entry technique is usually only done to intimidate and perhaps wound occupants. But to take them alive, there is no way 250 men would have been involved unless it was a staged propaganda exercise or a show of brute strength.

* In the Forest Gate fiasco, the raiding party made so many breaches of firearms legislation that another agenda was obviously in play with new instructions, but from whom?

When the police at Forest Gate got in they were kind enough to wake the occupants by breaking a window in dead of night – this could only have been done to alert the occupants and draw them out – so that when a half naked Muslim lad appeared at the top of the stairs, they shot him without warning.

To make matters worse the police even had the audacity to initially claim that his own brother had shot him.

The police also said that child porn was found on a computer in the house.

However this is a standard slur used by our intelligence services to silence and discredit those who might cause problems. For instance one whistleblower, a senior naval officer, committed suicide recently because he was threatened with prosecution for this.

Later a computer expert revealed he had spent virtually a whole day putting this stuff on the man’s desktop.

* The Brazillian lad who was shot on the underground last year, was followed by a team of policemen for several stations then at a quiet spot was shot 8 times in the head,

The pretence that he may have been carrying a bomb did not stack up at all as he was observed in light clothing.

If they had wanted to they could have followed their own gun regulations that state that a wounded man is open to interrogation while a dead man obviously is not.

The lies told over this were laughable, and yet no one is deemed responsible:

Who briefed the policemen to act in this manner and then protected them after they effectively murdered an innocent man?

The truth is we have another set of rules in operation here. The police were told according to a senior source I am in contact with, to shoot both lads, to “make an example of them” but most of all to show that “police can and will shoot whom they want, whenever they want”.

This after Norfolk farmer Tony Martin shot two burglars one night in his home, and subsequently served a long prison sentence for protecting his own property. In contrast however, policemen who shoot dead innocents without warning, are answerable to no one.

Russian mafia sources say Tony Blair has made it so easy to bring in foreign nationals. So much so that that we now have an immigrant population that has doubled in 8 years.

There are those educated sources in the Russian mafia who say this is not just incompetence and negligence, but part of a determined Illuminati plot to undermine and destroy the British as a nation, as was the plan for Germany in two world wars.

In closing, it’s worth noting that Reuters has just reported a twelfth suspect held for alleged involvement in a plot to bomb US bound air flights has been charged.
Umair Hussain, 24, was charged with failing to give information that could have prevented a terrorist attack, police said. He is due to appear in a London court on Friday.

Note the vague nature of the charge. Hussain isn’t charged with any specific offence, just with failing to give “information that could have prevented a terrorist attack”: a broad indictment that with clever legal sophistry could be tailored to fit any number of possible scenarios.

But essentially it is a small detail in a much bigger plan that is taking place before our very eyes: one that was first outlined over one hundred years ago. Flood Western Europe with immigrants from a variety of backgrounds and religions, then set one group against the other in the name of the “War on Terror”.

In essence: divide and rule.

We sleepwalk into W.W.III at our peril.

T Stokes

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence