Does Algae Induce Climate Change?

Aspen – June 22, 2012

Much attention has been paid to HAARP as affecting climate change. 
However, in order to effect true climate and weather control, more than mere ionization of the atmosphere is required. Marine algae blooms provide some of the essential physical material that  influences weather and climate. 
According to a 2008 article:
“Our seas are suffocating under a layer of slime. That slime – algae feasting on pollutants and fertilizers and starving the ocean of oxygen – is growing rapaciously and killing off sea life at an alarming rate. These toxic ‘dead zones’ have been spreading up the Pacific Northwest coast….
“A new study published in August [2008] reveals the world’s dead zones have doubled in size every decade since 1960. Coastal waters with once rich marine life – Chesapeake Bay, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and off Peru, Chile and Namibia – are rapidly losing species.
“According to the report by two U.S. scientists, Spreading Dead Zones and Consequence for Marine Ecosystems, there are 405 asphyxiating dead zones in our oceans. At this rate, one B.C. scientist says, all that will be left for the next generation to harvest from the sea is ‘plankton soup’.
“The crisis is of our own making. The cause, predictably, is pollution. The culprits are fertilizer runoff in estuaries, sewage, global warming, overfishing and industrial waste. Millions of tonnes of ‘nutrient pollution’ – chemical fertilizer that adds phosphates and nitrogen to the water – feed algae blooms.”
To repeat, the crisis is of our own making. 
But why? Why would the Controlling Elite sponsor (or else, allow) this killing off of marine life, in favor of sea-dwelling algae?

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