Tanks take stock

One-tenth of the Israeli tanks that took part in the Lebanon war were destroyed or disabled, a military study found.

According to Armored Corps data published Thursday, Hezbollah anti-armor missiles penetrated 20 Israeli tanks during the monthlong war, killing 17 crewmen.

Another 13 crewmen were killed when land mines destroyed or disabled their tanks. The number of tank crewmen wounded was in the double digits.

The high toll of the war on Israel’s Armored Corps was a shock to top military brass, especially given the fact that Hezbollah has no tanks.

Some experts said the tanks dispatched to Lebanon were older, less protected versions of the locally made Merkava. Two Israeli arms firms now have speeded up work on a tank anti-missile system.


Earlier this week an Israeli delegation travelled to Moscow to complain about the Russian-made anti-tank missiles reaching Hezbollah when they were using them with such deadly effect against Israeli troops in south Lebanon.