Voice of the White House August 17, 2006

“It seems that huge numbers of viewers, both domestic and foreign, have looked at the posting I made on intercepted official Israeli conversations and I can imagine the hysteria in Tel Aviv…and Washington over this.

And, I am so happy to tell you, there is more to come!

On Monday the 22nd, I will be devoting a good deal of space to the 9/11 tragedy. We know from intercepts, which foreign government helped organize and execute this and who in our government at that time was aware of it. I can assure my readers that this is not the usual lunatic fringe fictions about plasmoid clouds or Russian missiles.

The truth is always less exciting than some blogger’s wet dream.

A bit of current history here. Bush, ever obedient to the wishes of Israel, agreed to block any attempt to establish a cease fire in Lebanon until the mighty IDF crushed the Hezbollah and was able to occupy, on a permanent basis they decided, enough southern Lebanese territory to keep Hezbollah from lobbing rockets into Israel.

Bush was initially gloating around here that the all- powerful IDF would crush the” weak rag heads” in a “few days.” As it turned out, Hezbollah defeated the Israeli military on the ground in savage fighting and then a terrified Israel rushed to Bush, via their Ambassador here, to beg him, whining like hell, to force through an immediate cease fire before “everything here falls apart.” Bush and Congoleeza Rice, once Stanford’s notorious Date Rape Queen and latterly our beloved and useless Secretary of State, rushed in panic to the once denigrated UN and pushed through a frantic cease fire.

But given his nutty personality, Bush is now trumpeting around his “confidential inner circle conferences,” that Hezbollah was ‘soundly defeated’ by the IDF!

Those here, or informed others in D.C. know that both Bush and Israel have taken a terrible, terrible propaganda defeat over this. They were both once terrifying manifestations of raw force, keeping the world frightened of their anger, and retribution, but now Bush is seen as a paper tiger in a rainstorm.

The Israeli defeat will, without a doubt, prove to be a disaster in our occupation of an Iraq where American military units are being mortared in their green zone on a daily basis (not reported domestically, of course) and a terrible civil war is now in full swing.

Emboldened by the Hezbollah victory, the resistance people in Iraq are redoubling their murderous attacks on American soldiers and this is a trend that shows no sign of abating.

He threatened North Korea with “immediate military retaliation” if she launched any missiles. They launched sixteen and nothing happened.

He has continued to threaten Iran if she does not stop her atomic development program. Iran has not only laughed in his face but openly supported the Hezbollah with weapons and money.

We here all know that Bush has shown that America can do nothing but threaten and pretty soon, the rest of the world will treat all of us like a Punch and Judy show. Remember this in November, why not?”

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