Is Asperger’s a Jewish Syndrome? Is there a selfish gene? – Feb 9, 2020

The defining characteristic of Asperger’s is the inability or unwillingness to consider other peoples’ needs or feelings. We’re talking abut a basic lack of human empathy. Jewish playwright David Mamet, right, says “Asperger’s Syndrome has its highest prevalence among Ashkenazi Jews and their descendants.”  
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Race matters when applied to Jews, apparently. 
“Races, as [Jewish psychologist] Steven Pinker wrote in his refutational book, The Blank Slate, are just rather large families; families share genes and thus, genetic disposition.”
OMG, did he say that?
David Mamet, an Ashkenazi Jew, suggests it accounts for the many successful Jewish film producers & directors. 
Disclaimer – I am an Ashkenazi Jew. I have demonstrated these symptoms but I am not saying all do.

by David MametUpdated from June 19, 2012

(from his book Bambi Vs Godzilla, 2007)

I think it is not impossible that Asperger’s syndrome helped make the movies.
The symptoms of this developmental disorder include early precocity, a great ability to maintain masses of information, a lack of ability to mix with groups in age-appropriate ways, ignorance of or indifference to social norms, high intelligence and difficulty with transitions, married to a preternatural ability to concentrate on the minutiae of the task at hand.
This sounds to me like a job description for a movie director. Let me also note that Asperger’s syndrome has its highest prevalence among Ashkenazi Jews and their descendants. For those who have not been paying attention, this group constitutes, and has constituted since its earliest days, the bulk of America’s movie directors and studio heads.
Neal Gabler, in his An Empire of Their Own points out that the men who made the movies – Goldwyn, Mayer, Schenck, Laemmle, Fox, – all came from a circle with Warsaw at its center, its radius a mere two hundred miles. (I will here proudly insert that my four grandparents came from that circle).
Widening our circle to all of Eastern European Jewry (the Ashkenazim), we find a list of directors beginning with Joe Sternberg’s class and continuing strong through Steven Spielberg’s and the youth of today.



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