Drugs & Prostitution Rampant in US High Schools

Nathan Patrick Henry – henrymakow.com June 16, 2012

(The author was a high school teacher for 18 years.)
Sexual activity at public schools campuses is more common than thought.
Our young people are so inundated by it, many consider sexual acts in the same category as handshakes. They do it openly in classrooms and cafeterias, using smart-phones to share the experience.
For drugs, “little boys and girls” will do nearly anything. Prostitution has become a big money maker.
Prostitution is safe for a couple of reasons. While selling drugs is a crime, prostitution is difficult to prove.
School administrators especially will not touch homosexual prostitution with a ten foot pole. To criticize homosexuality in any way is the new anathema.
A male teacher complained about abusive behavior from a homosexual boy. The principal threatened the teacher to shut him up.
Where I worked, at an inner city school in Houston, boys and girls were pimped to students and adults. Any sexual flavor was available. Rendezvous were arranged just off campus for predators who wanted to abuse kids.
One pimp on our campus arranged for a girl to orally service a boy in the restroom. He also charged spectators to watch. This incident was caught by a teacher, but this pimp’s business continued to thrive.
A disgusting cross-dressing homosexual has been repeatedly caught in the act. He carries a straight razor and threatens everyone knowing he is “untouchable” under the shield of political correctness. In one week an Assistant Principal caught eight sex acts on the campus and did nothing of consequence.


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