Review – “The Grey” Exhibits Masculine Virtues

By Sven Eick from his blog – via June 15, 2012

The Grey is a story about a ragtag group of Alaskan oil workers who find themselves stranded in the midst of the Alaskan winter following an air crash and are subsequently hunted down by man-eating wolves.
This is as ridiculous a premise for a work of art as you’re likely to hear any time soon – The Way Home meets The Silver Bullet. Yet this premise serves as the foundation of one of the most haunting, sensitive and compelling meditations on mortality, loss and courage I have come across.
The Grey is powered by Liam Neeson in the role of a sharpshooter employed by the oil company to protect its field workers from wild wolves. The film charts his progress along a path from despair, through disaster, to redemption in the face of hopeless odds in the bleak Alaskan midwinter.
The cinematography of the film is superb and evocative, while the haunting soundtrack deftly weaves emotion through vistas of pristine North American wilderness.
However, it is Liam Neeson who transforms The Grey into something special…

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