Brazillions and Kingdoms and what about me?

Smoking Mirrors – June 15, 2012

Dog poet transmitting
There are good men and bad men …and there are, low to the ground, weasel creatures, who do what creatures like that do to the rest of you. They went into Libya and murdered the waters of the desert, like it was midnight up in your anus; put your camel to bed. They killed a man who could have been better… (You could have done better?) but there had been peace among the tribes …and the miracle of water …and learning for the children without rival around. Oh yeah, uh huh… oh yeah… they put the motherfucker in the ground. Listen up son, don’t you go messing with that Rothschild banking cartel… oh no, my brutha… they will put you down. They will put you down.
They did the same thing In Afghanistan cause… cause…. well, let me see, yeah, the Taliban shut down the dope river. When needs be… that you just have to have every goddamned thing in sight, cause your belly still ain’t tight. Oh no, you could swallow the world. Big money there. Black money there. Brazillians of dollas there. So who do I have to kill to get my piece or real sss-esstate? Oh… it’s the same thing in The Congo too. What’s that? I’m sorry, could you speak a little louder? No worries baby, we will get around to you to, if you got anything we want. We are the monster, just like a dinosaur. You can call me T-Rex. I’m just going to eat you up. I gots to have my Brazillions and I gots to have them now.
So let’s fast forward to the present cause I got a serious Syrian jones. I got to get me some Assad head before I get into my sprawling nod. I like to lay in the blood afterward…drank enough of it for the moment and I’ll just expand. All that blood I couldn’t even drink, will be swallowed by the sands. The seeping, trickle down Xanadu… nah, those caverns weren’t measured by man. Course, you got to be as measureless as you can, when all it is that you do is, expand and consume and hold onto with all that Silas Marner might. There is no end to my appetite, or what I will do and, yes, I will get around to you.
The river is deep and the river is wide and if you get in my way there is no other side. I’m the banker baby. Darling, I am the bank. Just like the banks of the river. ♫Moon niggas, whiter than the Nile, I’ll be crossing you in style today. We’re after the same bend over when, …I say…. MY Moon Niggards and me.
Yeah, too be true, the bear does shit in the woods; specially those Russian bears they can shit fire. Deep thinkers and drinkers… uh huh… but hard and cold …and intelligence works best when it is cold. ♫I’ve got bloody rivers to cross and I still can’t find my… crimson clover♫. It has been said that the devil is in the details. Well here it is before your eyes, coming up in the windshield and don’t be surprised. I know, I know, I shed a tear. I was walking with the walrus and the carpenter and thinking about how you might have oyster shells for eyes, since that would be the psychopathic accoutrement; probably what you like about yourself. Well hey there isn’t anyone else anyway.. is there? Not according to you. You’re the banker. You’re the bank. I know they were real disappointed in Tel Aviv when that Stuxnet virus did it’s capoeira all over their sushi needs, of course that was compounded and clusterfucked by by Lady Nature who got tired of being treated like your bitch. Still, life is filled with disappointments and loss and there are so many of us that just wanted to do the right thing; good people trying to have a life but.. that’s the big disappearing act; exit stage DOWN for the middle class, detune the musicians and shitshop the artists, the circus is coming to town.
Don’t go on the radio, forget the TV, you can’t talk about truth here, that’s easy to see and harder to hear, harder and harder to hear, white noise interference and blue screens all around. Pressure is building and buildings will fall, that’s what happens when people are balls to the wall. Doesn’t matter which Armageddon, they’re always the same. Empires over extend, when they’ve already won. Then they turn on their own people just to stay alive, while the banks steal them blind, working on the inside. And then comes the big war when everyone’s desperate, some lose their homes or their jobs. The next thing is their life. Pleasant dinners, sweet dreams when murder’s your wife. The byways of bankers are the highways of war. That’s where the money is. That’s how it gets done. Like in those cities with big shoulders that the Zio-thugs run.
Maybe you call that living but that’s not for me. Like mad dogs and Englishmen they sit down for tea. The queens got a pussy cloaxa maximus style. It’s a river of shit on a ship in the dark. You can look out your window but you got to stay in. There are bad things in the park. It’s just sooner or later. That’s all that it is, cause the system is broken from despicable greed. They got plans for the southlands. That’s where they’re headed to soon, to sit on their islands of money, to wallow in Krugerrand gold, to fuck all the children they kidnapped; keep them warm when they start to get old. Everywhere else is everywhere else, you know, that’s where you are… for the moment… for the moment.
I don’t incite violence. I don’t get hard from abuse, except for the abuse I suffered; that hardened me up. I’m not too fat to die. I’m not too precious to lose but you, my flush friends… um hum, what about you?What about you?… townhouses, high rises, skyscrapers to nowhere. All those beautiful beaches, all those poisonous seas, oh yeah that’s what’s happening your castle’s in siege. You can’t drink the water cause you shit where you ate. Your frame is collapsing, both of those frames, like the eyes in sunglasses that nobody sees, so you can do as you please. You can do as you please. So, Mister archbishop with the boys on their knees, all rise and salute the darkness, all rise and salute the darkness, all drown in dismembered bodies, there in the sunken, underground kingdoms of your fare the well. The light is coming, be afraid, be afraid.
For too long we have all been afraid of you, the power you had and what you could do but now you fucked your system and it can’t be fixed and the world’s eyes are opening, that’s just how it is. It came slowly forever, now it’s faster than light. It’s the eye of the moment. It’s on you. That’s right. You couldn’t stay in the shadows. You might have gotten away… for thousands of years it’s been coming. It’s been coming and you publicized yourselves. You lived it up in pictures and film. They wrote stories about you, the places you live and there are millions of eyes in the forest. The forest is coming for you. Cut down one tree and two new ones get legs. You made all those poisons and toxic vaccines. You’re the getaway junkie too addicted to leave. That is the gotcha…. monkey with the mango in the vase. Monkey with the avocado in the vase. It’s a kind of karmic killing jar and, it is where you are.
All your subterranean cities must be staffed by someone, all those someone’s whose families you killed. You got crawling drone spiders and tiny flying machines but your attention is in the wrong direction when it’s not in your jeans, scuzze.. you don’t wear jeans you like that mufti crapola with the tie round the neck. You know that’s a hangman’s nose huh? Oh you don’t get that? Sure you can hang by the doorknobs in au-to-e-ro-tik-fix but the invisible clothesline is what really snaps your neck. The one where your dirty laundry hangs, hang together, hang separately, it don’t make no dif, no if’s ands or but about it. It’s a question of when. Here comes your fate, from beginning to end.
Doesn’t matter if you believe this, or believe as I do, in invisible things that see right through you. What matters is, is it? Well fuck! Wait and see..There’s a God? There’s no God? It don’t change a thing, cah-ching cah-ching… hear the cash register ring. Time will tell. We will find out tomorrow what tomorrow will bring. Like they say, “ain’t no thing” cah-ching… cah-ching. Karma still happens… oh wait, maybe not… cause you don’t think so… heh heh… heh heh
All those dreamtimes in the future, all those launchpads in the past, all that ‘enjoy the moment’, joie de vive! Will it last? Twenty six thousand years and a whole lot got said and you just went by, now the moment approaches and you don’t even know why? I’m astonished. It’s touching, the degree of neglect is so great in your person that nothing reflects. It’s vampire city and cannibal town. It’s dark and it’s dirty…going down? Going down? Oh well not my ticket, enjoy the show.
There’s a hunger in Bangkok ( Bang Cock?) . There’s a fear in Rangoon. There are mountains gone missing. There\s a plague on the tides and the river of shit? On and on, on and on she just rides. This playtime is over. You fuckheads had fun, while there’s judgment in your court, we got work to get done. These are strange times now coming, not seen since where or when. It’s a whole different ballgame coming up on the rim.
For the good men and ladies, don’t you trouble your mind. Death ain’t no big thing on this endless incline. For the stupid and brain dead, Who’s talking to you? For the rest, God have mercy, or maybe there’s none… no god… and no mercy… In some cases that’s true. You got to factor the outcome is completely on you.
End Transmission……

Song: ♫Prevail♫ 


Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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