UK Leaders are Brainwashed Torture Victims (Part 3)

(Background here    “MI5/6 Wreak Havoc for Illuminati”)
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by Red Ox – June 13, 2012

Current chief of MI-6 is Sir John Sawers. First revelation on him: I’m married to his daughter Corinne – Twice!
Well, not really of course. But the Royal Arch did hold two fake weddings when I was a boy, and Corinne an even younger girl. “we find men sometimes prefer someone a bit younger” Thomas explained. 
So, Corinne posed as Ali Kennedy and was then ‘asianed up’ as an Indian woman for 2 mock ceremonies of the type of women they wanted me to marry. 
“Your wife seems happy” said Thomas, throwing confetti.. “cheer up, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life!”.
” Nice to involve your 5 year old daughter in your “important government work”. And, to be honest, I could do worse!
Sawers (Mr Sawers, John) took us out for a sandwich in Westerham, and arranged for the Royal Arch to be able to do a “hunt” on his land. This is a human hunt, of myself.
Corinne showed me her favourite hidingplace, the listening KGB told me to go for that (being obvious) because I shouldn’t bothered to be hunted.
John [Sawers], who was playing good cop, told me he couldn’t give advice but to consider whether it was the best hiding place. He also warned me not to go too near the river as he didn’t want me “taking my daughter in with you”. 
[Ed. Note: Red Ox said Corrine told him her father runs Englands for the Rothschilds. Who is the head Rothschild? I asked. Evelyn de Rothschild was the answer.]


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